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Travel Post: Brussels.

Heyyyy guys!

How you doinggggg? (Can you guess someone is feeling good?)

I was desperately craving an escape ‘cos I was up to my neck with work/school etc and this window to go to Brussels (Belgium) for the weekend with 7 of my friends and classmates came up and I was definitely up for it. 244 more words


So yes a titillating evening

So yes a titillating evening— —— the black barmaid in the Dome, three great videos in the kabins, the massive bosom Christina from Italy in the window (and so many other wonderfully sexy girls), and then finding the black-haired black jacket Moroccan girl on the walk back. 93 more words

The can of Jupiler in the Max was a disaster

The can of Jupiler in the Max was a disaster; but the first Stella in the Dome has gone down very nicely. I just like it when the black barmaid is here. 64 more words

The Little Tank (KVC Westerlo)

Football in the small Antwerpen town of Westerlo dates back to 1917 although initial attempts to build a proper town club floundered. The first club of note was SK De Bist Westerlo who were gone within five years of their formation. 673 more words

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Follow the path of least resistance I always tell myself

Follow the path of least resistance, I always tell myself; that applies to Eros as much as anything else. To go up to the Dome, getting soporific on Stella, is a waste of time. 88 more words

If I travelled under a cloud

If I travelled under a cloud, under terrible pressure, weighed down by terrible worry last month, this time I travel with a wind beneath my wings. 164 more words

I have exhausted the vending machine's supply of Stella and am now on the Jupilers

I have exhausted the vending machine’s supply of Stella and am now on the Jupilers. The 14-18 Brussels on German Time exhibition will have to wait for next time (it runs until May), and I will have to go back to the Old Masters Museum too. 133 more words