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The Little Tank (KVC Westerlo)

Football in the small Antwerpen town of Westerlo dates back to 1917 although initial attempts to build a proper town club floundered. The first club of note was SK De Bist Westerlo who were gone within five years of their formation. 673 more words

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Follow the path of least resistance I always tell myself

Follow the path of least resistance, I always tell myself; that applies to Eros as much as anything else. To go up to the Dome, getting soporific on Stella, is a waste of time. 88 more words

If I travelled under a cloud

If I travelled under a cloud, under terrible pressure, weighed down by terrible worry last month, this time I travel with a wind beneath my wings. 164 more words

I have exhausted the vending machine's supply of Stella and am now on the Jupilers

I have exhausted the vending machine’s supply of Stella and am now on the Jupilers. The 14-18 Brussels on German Time exhibition will have to wait for next time (it runs until May), and I will have to go back to the Old Masters Museum too. 133 more words

Ladies and gentlemen, the Jupiler chair (upcycling project)

When I was looking for chairs to upcycle earlier in the month (see previous post ), I got given an old chair in need for love. 151 more words


Jupiler Approved!

A year ago I made a Jupiler desk lamp for my boyfriend (see blog post here). And I just found out that Jupiler actually saw it, and approved it! 22 more words




J’aime la Belgique. Ou plus exactement, j’aime nombre de productions belges : les musiciens, les bières, les comédiens, le chocolat, les humoristes, les speculoos, les réalisateurs, les dessinateurs etc. 1,212 more words

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