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I have exhausted the vending machine's supply of Stella and am now on the Jupilers

I have exhausted the vending machine’s supply of Stella and am now on the Jupilers. The 14-18 Brussels on German Time exhibition will have to wait for next time (it runs until May), and I will have to go back to the Old Masters Museum too. 133 more words

Ladies and gentlemen, the Jupiler chair (upcycling project)

When I was looking for chairs to upcycle earlier in the month (see previous post ), I got given an old chair in need for love. 151 more words


Jupiler Approved!

A year ago I made a Jupiler desk lamp for my boyfriend (see blog post here). And I just found out that Jupiler actually saw it, and approved it! 22 more words




J’aime la Belgique. Ou plus exactement, j’aime nombre de productions belges : les musiciens, les bières, les comédiens, le chocolat, les humoristes, les speculoos, les réalisateurs, les dessinateurs etc. 1,212 more words


The Early Years

I grew up in Belgium so beer was a big part of my culture, it was always around. I’m sure there were drinking age laws in Belgium but the rule of thumb seemed to be “if you’re tall enough to look over the bar you can have a beer”. 615 more words


The Jupiler is just like drinking water

The Jupiler is just like drinking water, you don’t even know it is going down. I don’t complain. I like that. It is very like Stella, just weaker I think. 10 more words