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New Gallery in Town


Today we are going to Muse about a new gallery. If this is your first visit, welcome to Musings. If you have been here before, welcome back. 661 more words

Life Style

Communities that Develop Organically

Tim is an architect and WordPress blogger who is concerned with, among other things, how real communities develop organically. He has a strong sense that creating places top-down should not be regarded as sustainable… 436 more words

Nicole Hernandez Hammer

Nicole Hernandez Hammer is a sea-level researcher who works for the Union of Concerned Scientists as their Southeast Climate Advocate. Her work focuses on the mobilization of the Latino community to better understand and address climate change.  140 more words


On Beach Time

Thanks to poet Glenda Bealle’s post for inspiring this. I got the idea for the following poem’s title from a sign on my niece’s bedroom wall in Florida. 223 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

Another Day, another photo

I don’t know if this is a multimedia journalist thing or just a me thing, but I love taking pictures. My friends know that any time we go anywhere, I’ll probably be the one whipping my phone out to take the perfect picture and document the moment. 186 more words


Dog Beach

As an animal lover, one of my favorite places in South Florida is the dog-friendly section of Jupiter Beach. This large section of the beach is a free-for-all, off-leash beach for dogs of all sizes to run, play, and socialize. 359 more words

South Florida

Dude Throws Live Alligator In Drive Thru Window

LOVE this one. A Florida (obviously) bro (24) was arrested for literally hurling a live, three and a half foot alligator into a Wendy’s drive thru window. 576 more words