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Review: Jupiter Ascending

I watched Jupiter Ascending with my wife on Friday for the first time. It’s a hot mess of a movie, and I kind of love it, but I don’t think I can defend it as anything more than popcorn pulp. 1,775 more words


Jupiter Jones

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The alarm sounded at the time it did every day. Instead of preparing the coffee like she had gotten accustomed to doing, Jupiter was sleeping in. 1,071 more words

Caine Wise

Caine Wise

Caine woke with a start. Without wasting a moment he zipped out of bed and armed himself with the taser gun lying on the bedside table. 654 more words

Caine Wise

Random Musings: A review of The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy

The junior detective firm of The Three Investigators— Jupiter Jones (first investigator), Pete Crenshaw (second investigator) and Bob Andrews (records and research) receives two letters seeking their services. 1,002 more words