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The Jura Is In

Wicked dry bitter willow-switch finally settles in after a long match with brown soggy bruised apple and tapioca served in wet paper. Dull and round in the nose, the first sip is a pang of searing light through wet clouds and taut chilled air. 52 more words


Jura Superstition (Review)

Not even 200 people live on the Isle of Jura on the west coast of Scotland. Despite its wee size, this amiable community is known and loved by whisky fans across the globe. 295 more words


And without Further Ado...

We had some Isle of Jura Elixir the other day. We weren’t particularly impressed.

As it basically says up there, it was a little bland.

Single Malt

Rock Oyster

Maker: Douglas Laing & Co, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Distilleries: Isles of Arran, Jura, plus unidentified distillers from Orkney (Highland Park?) and Islay.

Style: Blended island (including Islay) malt. 170 more words


Isle of Jura 30yo 'Camas an Staca' Ob. 44%

So, 27 years in US white oak with a 3 year finish in oloroso

  • N: A little sulphur, a little peat, prunes, raisins and tropical fruits.
  • 153 more words
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