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My private Corner – new adventures!


Celebrating 15 years with Oracle this month. Wonderful to get all the nice e-mails & LinkedIn messages from the community and colleagues – thanks! It was an amazing journey from starting as a partner manager to building the Middleware partners business for Oracle in EMEA. 85 more words


Resource Consumption Management with WebLogic Multitenant by Rahul Srivastava, Jagadish Ramu, Kshitiz Saxena, Naman Mehta, Sivakumar Thyagarajan, Larry Feigen

What is WebLogic Server Multitenant?

Multi-tenancy (MT) in WebLogic Server (WLS) provides a sharable infrastructure for use by multiple organizations. These organizations are a conceptual grouping of your own choosing, which you can think of as… 149 more words


Monitoring Performance Issues with Integrated Workload Statistics – free online training


For 2nd review of the Monitoring Performance Issues with Integrated Workload Statistics of Oracle SOA Suite 12c Release 12.2.1. Watch the video here.

SOA & BPM Partner Community… 65 more words


Cargo Tracker Java EE 7 Blue Prints Now Running on WebLogic by Reza Rahman


For those unaware the Cargo Tracker project exists to serve as a blue print for developing decently designed Java EE 7 applications, principally utilizing Domain-Driven Design (DDD). 187 more words


The SOAMythBusters (featuring Robert Van Mölken) discuss Oracle SOA Cloud Service by OTN


Watch the Mexican SOAMythBusters, Arturo Viveros & Rolando Carrasco, discussing SOA CS at OOW2015 with good friend and fellow ACE Robert Van Molken from AMIS, Netherlands. 76 more words


WebLogic authentication debugging by Maarten Smeets


Oracle Identity Stores

Introduction Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS)

What to debug

How to debug WebLogic authentication

How to debug application authentication

Get the presentation here. 58 more words


OSB 12c - Database Polling using DB adapter by Vivek Garg


Oracle introduced couple of new features in 12c version which is recently launched. For OSB, the major shift that we saw in 12c is that now we can use Jdeveloper to do the development which we use to do through OEPE (Eclipse). 283 more words