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Episode 232: Five Buff Suggestions for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Last week, I went to talk about some nerf suggestions that some characters “deserve” when Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition rolls out next month. I know Capcom won’t really pay attention to a nobody like me as I’m definitely not on the level of the guys in the Capcom Pro Tour and I’m definitely not worthy to join any professional tournament or anything like that. 1,808 more words

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Check out the awesome new STREET FIGHTER 5 Arcade Edition New V - Trigger 2 Trailer (PS4) | Overview

What’s going on reader’s I hope you’re doing well. Today the official Capcom YouTube channel released a very awesome new trailer for the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition — V – Trigger II Teaser read the synopsis of this trailer: on January 16, 2018, all Street Fighter V players will receive the free Arcade Edition update. 91 more words

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ZERO MIND INFINITY will disband.

ZERO MIND INFINITY will disband in December.

いつもZERO MIND INFINTYを応援していただきありがとうございます。
ZERO MIND INFINTYは年内を持ちまして活動を停止する事となりました。
我々ZERO MIND INFINTYは2016年5月20日より継続セッションという形式でしたが、

Google Translate:
Thank you for always supporting ZERO MIND INFINTY.

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GARAK’S will release their new single “FREEDOM” on December 6th and here is the full PV preview!
See all posts about the single here!

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Saiba quem são os jurados da Mostra de Cinema de São Paulo

A composição do juri oficial da 41ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo conta com um juri internacional, um juri para o Prêmio Petrobrás de Cinema, um outro específico da Abraccine para o Prêmio da Crítica e você que compõe o juri popular. 220 more words


Feat. the Most Annoying Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 6)

I mean… there are characters who get on my nerves, after all.

Enter Juri!

If you’ve seen Brother’s Conflict, you’ll know of the small and fluffy grey squirrel named… 220 more words