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"BE PROUD" by ZERO MIND INFINITY (single details + sample + BAND INTRODUCTION)

ZERO MIND INFINITY is a fairly new band that started up as the session band “yoru crime”. They had their live debut in June and will release their first single “BE PROUD” on December 19th. 273 more words


Ten Character Suggestions for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

It’s happening!

I didn’t the rumors that Capcom was making another Marvel vs. Capcom game. It was fiction to me. I figured that the company would back off from making fighting games because of the rather disappointing sales numbers of Street Fighter V, a game I love despite all its flaws. 1,625 more words

Fiefo's Editorial

"kakumei" by GARAK'S (mini album details + digest)

GARAK’S will release their very first mini album “kakumei” (革命) on December 14th! You can listen to a sample of each song in the video below! 87 more words


Street Fighter Juri Statue Looks Very Uncomfortable

(Source: kotaku.com)

As a big fan of Street Fighter’s South Korean monster, I was initially quite pleased with the latest statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. 264 more words


GARAK'S' new look!


Debut: June 29th 2016 (secret live)

 Vocal: juri

Feb 28th
Guitar & chorus:

July 29th

Aug 19th
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Tenshi Souzou Sunawachi Hikari

Duel 04; Utena vs Juri; “Amour”

In English, the title of this song is Angelic Creation, Namely, Light. And yes, the song is largely referencing light. 323 more words