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Three Sources & Three Component Parts of Marxism : V. I. Lenin- 1913

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin-1913

Throughout the civilised world the teachings of Marx evoke the utmost hostility and hatred of all bourgeois science (both official and liberal), which regards Marxism as a kind of ‘pernicious sect’. 1,788 more words


The Epistemology of #Black Lives Matter

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In Africa, generations after the catastrophe of colonialism wars. No one black person can remember their history for more than a thousand years backwards. 469 more words


Should The UK Introduce Good Samaritan Laws?

In the wake of Phillippe Monguillot’s death in France earlier this month, resulting in the arrest of two bystanders who failed to help when he was in danger contrary to the French Penal Code, this prompts the question of whether Good Samaritan laws are suitable in society, taking into consideration how widely implemented they are across international jurisdictions. 2,426 more words


The Jurisprudence Of Love, Part 2

Continued from The Jurisprudence of Love, Part 1

Laying Down the Law

In my last post I wrote on the topic of the jurisprudence of love. 1,160 more words

The Jurisprudence Of Love, Part 1

The Faculty of Law

Here is a topic that I tentatively wade into, perhaps wandering only so far out as to get my feet wet. It is, I think, a very large subject to discuss and could take up a whole series of blog posts to explore it and expound all my thoughts about it. 1,385 more words

Bail under the UAPA: A case for reconstruction

Deeksha Balaji

The Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (‘UAPA’) was passed in the year 1967 as a mechanism to check unlawful activities, terrorist organisations and other notorious groups posing a threat to the integrity and sovereignty of India. 1,587 more words

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