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I spent a week on jury duty and all I got was $50 and a front-ish row seat to the judicial process

For the past nine months, I have been locked in a battle of wits with the Ramsey County Judicial Department. This battle ended a couple of weeks ago, when I finally accepted my defeat. 810 more words

Jury Duty?

Pay attention! When you find it, seize it! What is it? First, welcome back friends and readers from the US, New Zealand, India, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ireland ;) 631 more words


Lisa Scottoline Interview

Tower Review: When and how did you become a writer? What is your background?

Lisa Scottoline: I began as a writer about ten years ago, when my daughter was just an infant. 469 more words


Jury Duty (Partial Experience)

The inevitable finally came to be. I was summoned this week for jury duty. How was it partial experience? Well, the trial was expected to last 3 days, but a medical emergency created a cancellation. 1,446 more words


Weighing Justice With a Jury of Her 'Peers'

Susana Morris | Longreads | September 2017 | 20 minutes (4,997 words)

I received the notice for jury duty with mild annoyance. I hoped I wouldn’t get picked as I put the date of the summons on my calendar. 5,204 more words


Property rites

Hoo, nuts around here lately.

The House Back East™ in Bibleburg is under contract (for the second time in a week). Down here in the Duke City, meanwhile, the tree dude is popping round tomorrow to (what else?) have a squint at El Rancho Pendejo’s trees. 197 more words


FO Friday - Pussy Hat

My week started with days 5 & 6 of sitting for jury selection.  If you’ve never had to sit through the process, let me tell you, it’s absolutely maddening.   406 more words