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Judge, jury and...say what again?

Recently called for a month of jury duty, I showed up at the various appointed times, and actually made the next-to-final cut for two different cases, but never got the nod to actually sit on a trial jury. 868 more words

Have You Reached A Verdict?

Spring Break.

Not having children of this age, it shouldn’t affect me.

My job, however, allows me to work with folks who do have children this age. 544 more words

It was the best of choices, it was the worst of choices...

I can’t tell if this was the best tote to have grabbed to take my laptop to jury duty… or the worst one.

(And another literary spoof title. 21 more words


Jury Duty and the Question "Isn't Christianity all about Forgiveness and Redemption"

(First published November, 2015)
“Isn’t Christianity all about forgiveness and redemption?” was the question I was asked, as I sat as a potential juror in a courtroom in the Hennepin County’s Government Center. 727 more words

Faith & Politics

Detroit Jurors Who Failed to Appear for Duty This is for You

The Third Circuit Court is offered jurors who failed to appear in 2016 one last chance to rectify that situation before Chief Judge Colombo issues an order to show cause for failing to appear for jury duty. 320 more words

Detroit Now

Elected House of Lords? @electoralreform #electoralreform #lordsreform #sortition

The Electoral Reform Society and others claim that we need an elected upper house in order to be fully democratic. But I say that they have confused democracy with vote-ocracy.

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Fairy Eggs

Our weather has been rather wacky lately. One day I’m wearing a hoodie and shoes, the next day I’m back to a coat, boots, hat, and mittens. 849 more words