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What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Of your peers. The laws of the United States are designed to make it at least marginally difficult to arbitrarily throw people in prison. We’re entitled to have our case tried not just before a judge, but also a jury of our peers. 442 more words


“Life is a fairy tale. Live it with wonder and amazement.”

Last night was winter. It was cold and windy. My sweatshirt wasn’t quite enough. North of us got a little snow. Thankfully, we were spared. It’s bad enough the temperature is below freezing without adding snow. 325 more words


Supermoon Night

Last night, I lay in bed, thinking worrying about the letter I received in the mail this weekend. Jury duty. Two months of calling the jury call-in line early every morning to check if my service would be required. 351 more words


Why I Welcomed the Man in the Turban

The elderly gentleman stood next to a pickup truck as I pulled into my space in the courthouse parking lot. He and the truck looked like they belonged to each other. 543 more words

Na, No…

That face you make when realize you forgot about NANOWRIMO…

So far, I’ve done a post every NANO eve about what novel I’m going to write…well, I didn’t do one this year because…I FORGOT ABOUT THE WHOLE THING! 152 more words

Authorities Warn Of Jury Duty Phone Scam In Pittsburgh Area

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Federal authorities are warning residents in the Pittsburgh area about a nationwide telephone scam in which callers purporting to be officials are collecting fines from people who fail to report for jury duty. 132 more words


Doing My Civic Duty

Well, it seems that it’s that time again. This week, I’m doing my civic duty–jury duty, that is.

Having lived during my professional life in four different states, I’ve been called for jury duty in three of the four, and each state’s procedures regarding juries is a little different than all the rest. 334 more words