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Happy Summer Vacation!

It’s summer vacation! TJ’s school year finally came to an end on Monday. His school had lots and lots of snow days over the winter, so the school year was extended quite a bit. 406 more words

Karson Has Jury Duty and He's...... Excited?

This morning in studio Karson opened up a letter and it stated he had Jury Duty. This is the first time he’s ever been called and he couldn’t be more excited to serve. 55 more words


Down The Rabbit Hole: My Adventures In Judicial Bureaucracy

While I must admit that I enjoy being part of the judicial process, they must enjoy me even more: I’m 31, and I’ve been called to serve  637 more words


A Frolic of His Own: on jury duty and revisiting Gaddis

by Michael Sarinsky

“Justice? – You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law,” begins William Gaddis’ A Frolic of His Own… 1,230 more words

Miscellaneous And Administrative

A Cold April: My Time on the Jury of a Murder Trial

On Saturday, I drove past the scene of a murder.

There was the house of the victim, there was where the shooters stood. I could even see where the shooters parked their car for the getaway. 1,793 more words


Fire Breath Comic 6/28/2015

A quick heads up (And a shameless plug) Spark’s first book How I Met My Pet Dragon will be available tomorrow as a kindle download from Amazon. 34 more words


Fear and My Jury Duty

This month I had planned to write about fear and then jury duty happened to me. Again.

This is not my first jury duty rodeo. 523 more words