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The Various Shapes, Sizes, and Costs of Focus Groups

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that a good majority of attorneys believe that there are only one or two variations of focus groups – a full-blown mock trial (of varying lengths and levels of detail) and possibly a limited focus group to test exhibits. 1,245 more words

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Gender in the Courtroom: Myth vs. Reality

This article is co-authored by Alison Wong and Blaine McElroy. Alison Wong is a Senior Consultant in DecisionQuest’s Houston office. She has a background in both psychology and sociology, and received her JD from the University of Texas School of Law. 863 more words

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Accessible Jury Consulting

While hiring a jury consultant can be a budget consideration, the value is never clearer than when a client should have retained one but could not because of cost. 509 more words

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What Do Jurors Care About?

Do you ever feel like jurors decided your case randomly or based on something other than the evidence you presented?  It’s highly probable.  It happens often and you need to understand not only how to minimize that risk, but how to control for it and use it to your advantage. 622 more words

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