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US Supreme Court Takes On Racial Discrimination In Jury Selection

Interesting, and symptomatic of the situation in so many areas:

The U.S. Supreme Court wrestles Monday with a problem that has long plagued the criminal justice system: race discrimination in the selection of jurors.

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"How America Tolerates Racism In Jury Selection": Discrimination In Jury Selection Is Indeed A National Problem

On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Foster v. Chatman, a case that challenges the all-too-common practice by which prosecutors deliberately exclude African-Americans from criminal juries. 727 more words


Supreme Court Looks at Juror Discrimination

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral argument on a case involving juror discrimination. The argument is that the government deliberately discriminates jurors by race; generally striking black jurors from the trials of black defendants. 245 more words

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Strike Peremptory Challenges

The Washington Post’s coverage of Foster v. Chatman and racial bias in jury selection brings up two issues that are not often discussed.

First, most of the coverage of peremptory challenges in general, and Foster in particular, have focused on alleged prosecutorial misconduct.   620 more words

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Understand Group Psychology Patterns for Winning Trial Strategy.

Group Psychology, Voir Dire, Jury Selection and Jury Deliberations, by Ken Lopez, The Litigation Consulting Report


Since first being exposed to the group psychology work of 

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Reconsidering Batson: Supreme Court to review death sentence handed down by all-white jury

By Matt Johnson
Associate Editor, Vol. 21

The right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers is a right afforded to all criminal defendants facing a sentence of six months or more. 1,070 more words

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