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The time allowed for jury selection now is typically very brief compared to the time allotted to attorneys years ago when I first started practicing. I used an approach similar to the one suggested here in picking criminal juries where I had much more time to explore the qualifications of jurors and their potential biases. 1,078 more words

Jury Selection

Jury Duty Survival 101

I could spend hours going through my initial thoughts when I got my jury summons, but if you’ve ever received one, the feelings are probably pretty universal: 6,915 more words


Jury Selection Process

In the Crown Court a jury is selected for those that go to trial. The Ministry of Justice has said that ‘an estimated 450,000 people perform jury duty each year in trials for significant offences such as murder or serious assault’. 769 more words

People Are So Goddamn Immature at Jury Selection

This morning I went to my first-ever jury selection. At 23 and a half years old I’ve been eligible to be a juror for 5.5 years, but only last month did I receive a letter asking me to to step up and take part in the process. 1,055 more words

Original Writing

Honest Answers: Learning How Best To Phrase Questions To Prospective Jurors In Voir Dire

by Hon. Linda E. Giles

Voice of the Judiciary 

Trial lawyers and I have not always seen eye-to-eye on the purposes or methods of juror voir dire.  1,354 more words

Boston Bar Journal

Friend Request Denied: Judge Asks Attorneys to Refrain from Social Media Searches of Jurors

In late March 2016, a California federal judge asked both Google, Inc. and Oracle America, Inc. to voluntarily consent to a ban against Internet and social media research on empaneled or prospective jurors until the conclusion of the trial. 646 more words

Jury selection begins in trial of Georgia man whose son died after being left inside hot car

ATLANTA – Prosecutors and defence attorneys were set to begin their search Monday for the jurors who will consider whether a Georgia man intentionally left his son in a hot SUV to die. 586 more words