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One Angry Man: Supreme Court Confronts Racial Bias in Jury Deliberations

In the classic movie “Twelve Angry Men,” jurors file into a jury room to deliberate on the case of a young man charged with stabbing his father to death. 2,612 more words


SHALLOW SIDE @Diesel 10/25

Shallow Side. Two words defining more than just four members of a band about their upbringing, their relentless dedication to more than just music, and their ever daunting of shadows of life, lust, and loss. 544 more words

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#JuryDuty Calls 2

The introductory video to jury duty on day one represented this as a profound learning experience participating in the judicial system – by day 4 it was more a profound reading experience – that’s right reading & some listening. 336 more words

Duncan T. Armstrong

Jury Duty Calls

Me up at 5 a.m. & not leaving the country! Q: What could be more alarming? A: Me, deciding the innocence or degree of guilt of the accused – that’s right I was summoned for jury duty. 475 more words

Duncan T. Armstrong

Foster v. Chatman

On the morning of August 28, 1986, police found Queen Madge White dead on the floor of her home in Rome, Georgia. White, a 79-year-old widow, had been beaten, sexually assaulted, and strangled to death.

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Podcast: 'Bull' persists; so do we. Episode 2

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CBS persists in airing ‘Bull,’ giving us episode 2 on 9/27/16, “The Woman in 8D.”  Alleged trial consultant Dr. Bull’s crime spree continues unabated, along with the ridiculous nonsense that mostly comprises this show. 198 more words


7 Grounds for Objecting During Voir Dire

Once the jury panel has been sworn, prospective jurors are selected at random, seated in the jury box, and questioned. Counsel may conduct a “liberal and probing examination” that’s calculated to discover juror bias or prejudice related to the circumstances of the case. 564 more words

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