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Edmonton judge cancels jury selection as accused 'paper terrorist' calls proceedings a fraud

An Alberta man charged with paper terrorism was so disruptive and argumentative during jury selection on Thursday morning that the judge has decided his case will be seen by a judge alone when it goes to trial Monday. 359 more words


Lawyer for Colten Boushie’s family responds to jury selection changes

The federal government’s legislation to end peremptory challenges do not go far enough, according to a lawyer involved in the trial of Gerald Stanley, which brought the issue to the forefront. 423 more words


Liberals table massive piece of legislation to overhaul the Canadian justice system

The federal Liberals have tabled a massive piece of legislation that will aim to overhaul the Canadian justice system.

At more than 300 pages, the new legislation proposes a number of major changes that Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says fit with the goal of making the system more fair and more just, both for victims of crimes and those from communities that are over-represented in jails and prisons. 811 more words


Lawyers clash over jury reform following Colten Boushie case

A lawyer helping the family of a young Cree man shot and killed by a Saskatchewan farmer left a different courthouse this week with an idea about how Canada’s jury system could be improved. 593 more words


How jury members are picked in Manitoba

Serving on a jury comes with the enormous responsibility of deciding someone’s fate and it all starts with a Manitoba Health card.

A person accused in a criminal case in Court of Queen’s Bench has the choice for a judge alone or a jury trial. 305 more words


Bob Layton Editorial: Let me know what you think

It’s Friday – let’s see what you think.

Lots of political talk about how trials involving Aboriginal people can be more fair.

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Geoff Currier: Blaming race for the Gerald Stanley verdict is an oversimplification

In a world in which anyone can claim victimhood and which is divided into camps of the oppressors and the oppressed, it is a small step to disputing each court decision as manifestly unjust. 551 more words