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7 Suggestions for Your Next Voir Dire

Maybe you’ve been doing voir dire the same way for years, or maybe it’s your first time. Either way, check out these ideas for your next voir dire. 601 more words

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Justice in Sheets...A Jury of Peers - Dismissing Black Jurors

The process of eliminating black jurors from a trial has been around for a while, even though it was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. It is a commonly used tool in some parts of the country where the prosecutor’s case is weak, the defendant is black and the victim is white – or to cover some misconduct by Law Enforcement. 750 more words

The New Jim Crow

Jury selection begins in Guy Turcotte retrial

Guy Turcotte looked tired and uneasy, often averting his eyes as he listened to dozens of people trying to convince a judge they shouldn’t be selected as jury members for the former cardiologist’s murder trial. 684 more words

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How To Investigate Your Jurors' Presence On Social Media And The Internet.

Social Media Searches: Go Beyond the Google, Guest post by Arianne Fuchsberger, M.A., Research Associate, Persuasion Strategies, Persuasion Litigator™


Almost a year ago, the ABA released Formal Opinion 466 clarifying that it is permissible for ‘a lawyer to review a juror’s or potential juror’s Internet presence.’ Since then, researching seated or potential jurors online has not only become an option, but a necessity.

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Jury Selection

This has been an interesting week. The most interesting part was the part where I reported for jury duty. The summons said, “Herein fail not,” so I made sure to show up well before the required time of eight o’clock in the morning. 699 more words

Trial By Fire: Ten Things To Help You Prepare For Your First Jury Trial

I’ve decided to deviate from my normal musings on recent court decisions and focus on something a little closer to home: My first solo trial. 2,776 more words

A look at Racial Disparities in Jury Selection

My friend, fellow BU LAW classmate Jenn Rolnick Borchetta, was on MSNBC discussing racial disparities in jury selection. The problem is twofold: 1. There is a concern that discrimination in jury selection will deny people their Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial and, 2. 65 more words

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