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Editor’s note – If what is going on the children’s court in relation to the Jobstown Protest is a show-trial, it seems what Seanie Fitzpatrick is getting from our crooked state is a fake trial – with a Jury stocked exclusively by people who have no problem with the austerity caused by the actions of him […]

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Jury Selection Finishing At Major Chicago Street-Gang Trial

CHICAGO (AP) — Jury selection is winding down at a much-anticipated trial of six purported members of Chicago’s notorious Hobos street gang blamed for outbreaks of deadly gun violence for over a decade. 120 more words


Jury Duty Causes Taylor Swift to Skip Out On VMAs

Something seemed weird about last night’s VMAs.  I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, and then, I noticed that the biggest celebrity fan girl was not there- Taylor Swift. 84 more words


prayer in a jury selection pool

Lord, I don’t want to be here! But, here I am. Did you have something to do with that? What am I to learn? To see and be? 477 more words


Advice for White Folks in the Wake of the Police Murder of a Black Person — Justin C. Cohen

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1.  If you’re White, don’t look to your friends of color for answers today. 2.  What happened to Alton Sterling is, in fact, about race. 3. Be aware of a few standard, and racist, media tropes about Black victims. 4. As a White person, you are in a unique position to influence the perspectives of other White people. It is never too late to make a personal commitment to being a more active ally in the movement for Black lives. A year ago this month, folks were fighting to take down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol, after the massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. A year ago this month we started wondering what happened to Sandra Bland. Correcting these injustices is the work of generations, not years or months. If you’re a White person on the sidelines, we need you in the fight. Please raise your voice, particularly today. Justin C. Cohen cropped-unnamed-21.png

Leaders, Loners and the Art of Jury Selection.

Often times you cannot eliminate troublesome jurors. This can be a real problem since developing challenges for cause against an unfavorable juror can be difficult and at times impossible. 633 more words

Jury Selection