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Attention: JURY ZONE!

Assignment 2.3 / Very First Jury

After assignment 2.2 was completed, it was asked to dismantle all the elements in the whole construct and distribute to the group members to produce four construct (one construct by each group member) that are variations of each other. 566 more words


Deu Know This Keen Song?

Hello, H/O of Japaganism ChurPlex here.

WondeR hoW yoU havE beeN doinG lately, just let me gift you up with the buckin’ treasure str you may have decided to give up discoverin’ epochs ago. 98 more words

Pause 'Preliminary Jury 1'

Our design strategy comes from the threshold part which is located between two industrial area which neighborhood to our site, we connected this hybrid area with our site. 258 more words


Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 3

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 3

Rabbit in a Snow Storm

Victor goes to kill Prohaszka at his bowling alley, but his gun doesn’t work. Instead he kill him with his bowling ball, after he hide his gun then he waiting for arrest. 202 more words


Video 2 review

This video is a CBS Sunday Morning clip that covers the “ungers”- people who were unjustly imprisoned for decades from faulty jury instruction.

It reports that judges in Maryland, for decades told juries they could interpret the law as they saw fit. 129 more words


Preliminary Jury_1

Our first analyze in the site, there is a monotonous life in Ostim, there were just car parking areas, shop and market areas and human profile working areas such as industrial areas of Ostim. 616 more words


1st Jury

Assignment 2.3

According to previous assignment 2 series critics, we design new construct. This construct was a jury project. Our construct involve 4 3D conctruct which has variation between each other. 152 more words