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Just a Heads Up...

Turns out my thyroid is in premium condition. However, the internist upped my asthma medication to 4x the dose I was taking and these days I’m feeling tip-top except for my left big toe, which I think I broke when I fell in Philly, but there’s nothing to do about that except big Advil with a whiskey chaser at bedtime. 335 more words

Was It Just A Dream?

Update on Romance in the Meadow…

Last Friday I came by the tiny house. Pumpkin sconces had replaced the lights next to the front door and there was a very large, scary spider web on the house. 81 more words

Donna DeLory - Just a Dream

Pop stars are such a generous bunch, aren’t they? Always willing to give their time and talent away for free in the name of a good cause. 852 more words

Pop Music

Just A Dream

Dreams are like the cinema of our minds. We get to watch a movie but instead of just sitting in the seats with our popcorn and dorky 3D glasses, we actually get to experience it at the same time, be part of it. 411 more words


Just a Dream

As I gazed up, deep into

The night sky full of stars,

Planets, clouds, and centered

By the moon in all its luster, 108 more words

Ruminated Scrawling


Building the fragile walls once more;

… To watch them crumble and abjure!

Would it this also tumble?

… I always be humble!

Like a rainbow catching the fading ray, 45 more words


just a dream...

now clearly silence
will seal this tomb
whether sun
or darkest gloom
all some see
with blinded eyes
black, black, black
in their disguise
weeping widows… 38 more words