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Retaining Control - Notthedane56

The road stretched
while she looked out of the

“I can almost see where
we met”
-said, while looking out of the rear… 270 more words


Just a Dream - Vixy & Tony

Dreams can’t hurt you, that’s what parents used to say
But they changed the world forever in New Mexico that day
No one sleeps and no one wakens, no one’s ever what they seem…

41 more words

Just a dream

The pen flows non-stop.
Churning out imaginations.
Where from, I asked?
The bright sparkle twinkled.

Characters spring out.
The canvas scene changes.
My fantasy in vivid action. 56 more words


405 Just A Dream [16 April 2001]

I look up to see you
smiling down at me
a burst of something
I don’t know of
blossoms inside my heart
to see you smile like you do… 429 more words


Come Back!

Come Back, she cried

reaching out, but not


A sob choked her, as the last

words became muffled,

I lo………..

but she couldn’t say more, 49 more words


Just A Dream

You were standing there, right in front of me

Smiling that sweet smile of yours

My mind said,”Not possible”.

My heart screamed, “Embrace it.”

I ran and hugged you tight… 64 more words

My Words

Getting Up & Going Down

The hardest time is getting up in the morning and going to bed at night.  It brings to reality that there is someone missing. There’s no… 198 more words

Just A Dream?