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I hope you all had a good week and if not then the weekend shall be even more relaxing and hopefully with time to dream. I send into this Friday with a song from 2010 and I wish you a great day 😊 496 more words

Song Of The Day

Molly Moore - Just A Dream

Just a Dream, the second single from her upcoming EP, Now You See Me, shows Moore’s talent continuing to grow to astounding levels. 201 more words


"Just a Dream" The Perfect Story

As a journalist, the concept of storytelling plays a major role in my life. It is my job as a reporter to give an honest and accurate account of daily activities, but to also make it interesting and pertinent to the audience. 296 more words


a surreal dream

Why the hell do we never tell anything about our dreams? Is it because we’re sure we’ll eventually forget about them? Or is it because nobody really cares about them? 548 more words

Random Stuff

A Beautiful Dream

Last night I dreamt you were here… I felt your fragile little arms across me, your head so softly against mine. The sweet smell of you soothing me to sleep.

121 more words

Mayberry Makes a "Beautiful Mess" of Things

I’ve been vibing to Mayberry from the moment I was introduced to them. They’re just enough pop to feel like a guilty pleasure for me while still holding such a unique artistic vision that feels fresh and new. 664 more words

The LP Collective

Is it all Just a Dream?

I start to wake and the sound of the ocean slowly pulls me from a strange dream.  The heat from the sun feels wonderful after the long winter.   836 more words

Just A Dream