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(Delayed) Day 285 in 2017

Falling asleep

When the sun is still having a good time,

One shall dream the noon indulgence,

For which the weary soul craves.


Joyeux Anniversaire

It’s official. It’s October 19th again which means I am another year older. Blessed to see another year.

Since today is the oldest I’ve ever been and the youngest I’ll ever be again, I want to thank you for those who’s celebrate today with me. 37 more words

Ngga Jelas

Horror Freak!

Siapa yang suka film horor? saya termasuk penakut yang (SOK) berani buat nonton film-film horor. Hampir semua film yang (katanya) paling horor sudah pernah saya tonton.   586 more words

Just A Thought

Top 5 Motivational Answers on Quora by Kahani Happens Author

Quora is a great meeting place for three types of people… those that genuinely require an answer to a question, those that genuinely want to reach out to as many people with their insights, and then they are the others. 510 more words

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No brasso or brown sauce, what next?

Hubby is a font of knowledge for making do, alternatives, and thinking outside the box (why else would we have bought a boat three years ago when house prices got away from us but I digress). 230 more words

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Emma Blackery - The musician who makes YouTube videos 

Hello everyone. Today I’m wanting to bring your attention to someone I’ve looked up to for nearly a whole year. Someone who has never failed to put a smile on my sad face, someone who has, well changed my life, for the better may I add. 2,516 more words

Just A Thought

One of my greatest fears

Have you guys ever felt like a part of you dies when you forget a memory?

To me, I feel like losing your memories is almost the same thing as dying….but it’s worse. 26 more words