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Lost Stories - III 

​Sitting at the edge of a sidewalk in a dark windy cold night, he is gazing at his own shadow on the ground illuminated by the pale yellow streetlight glowing at a distance… 151 more words


A Gem 

​Those eyes seeking humility in the ground, won’t look up till God whispers it’s time

Though no words narrated his story yet, but silence in sanctity has it’s own profound rhyme… 30 more words


Just Another Story (short story)

Every one usually has a story they don’t usually share. For me my story has yet to be completed yet one can learn much from reflecting on it. 2,291 more words


Learning to Heal

I’ve spent a brief time period of my life wasting my time and sentiments over people who eventually revealed out to be faking it up, and who didn’t seemed to care about anything that ever mattered to me. 414 more words


Last Words

This is for all those times she disappeared without even leaving behind a reason for holding on to her
This is for all those times she surrendered in front of her fears, deceiving her strength by taking the wrong turns and leaps of faith into the dark… 65 more words


And The Tears Have Been Worthwhile

In midst of uncertainty, when every sign on earth pointed towards an end leading to nowhere
Your voice gifted me the courage of believing in a dream I was even afraid to think about… 68 more words