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Just be you...

You have to love yourself

Be who you are

Accept Just who you are

Love who you are.


Be Yourself.

Everyone has that moment where they wish they could go back in time and change those awful things that happened. Maybe, to try and fix that one failed friendship. 364 more words


It was a dream: Just do you.

“Just do you” – came through in a dream last night. I vaguely remember the rest except for a lot of feelings. Of course, I thought I’ll remember, “Just do you” in my semi-sort-of-not-really-awake-space-at-the-earliest-part-of-non-sunrise. 275 more words

Let My Voice Be Heard

Writing this blog is one of the scariest things I have ever done. It makes me feel extremely vulnerable. For that reason I have been doing it for a while before I told people about it… For work, having to call someone who has a high position in an organisation makes me walk around the house 4 times, hang the laundry, clean out the dish washer, walk the dog before I finally make myself sit down and make that call. 467 more words


Everything Yet Nothing

The internet is a crazy place.  It’s a scary place.  It’s a place where people can be anything they want.  I am publishing this blog so therefore I can call myself a published author.   287 more words


Life spoiler alert! Expectations.. other's, as well as your own

OK, let’s have an honest moment of self-reflection: why do you do what you do now? Did you really consciously choose to be where you are today? 537 more words