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The world isn't ready for me

I have been stuck in this awkward area, where I don’t feel like I belong in any kind of group. I am not manly enough to be with the men, to manly to be with the women. 240 more words


Micro fashion

Most people would look at me, and think, he doesn’t have any kids! Most would think I am a homosexual. Truth is, I have two beautiful children. 78 more words


Jared Leto

We all know Jared Leto in some way, shape, or form. Do you know him by his band “30 Seconds to Mars”? Or his role on Television and movies? 194 more words


Capelet coat, men's Leggings

One of the recent fads that most of us have heard about is “Meggings” The Men’s version of leggings. When this came out, I was super excited, things were moving forward in the men’s fashion industry! 332 more words


New Year new savings

This year I’m all about savings. I’m guilty of using my card online and not really thinking about how much I’m spending or if I really need the items. 77 more words


Powerful feeling of shoes

What I found about myself, is that my shoes really predicted how I felt for that day. Eventually this led to how I picked my outfits the night before. 725 more words


Wife picks Wednesday. Dec-27

Wife picks Wednesday is all about my wife. Since my wife is such a huge supporter in my fashion, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a page to her. 139 more words