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On Love

When I was in ninth grade, our philosophy teacher gave us an assignment to write an essay on the meaning of life. I had just finished reading Wayne Dyer’s “Your Erroneous Zones,”   which left a deep impact on me. 2,725 more words

Monday Musing: On Friendship, Authenticity And Groundwork For Next Steps

I know, long blog titles are bad. But I’m thinking about a lot of things this week!

Last week, our pastor preached on friendship and the importance of real, godly friends to becoming (and remaining) an authentic Christian. 1,031 more words

Christian Life


The mind plays funny games,
Making us confused in the brain;
Ways of thinking become distorted,
Life situations contorted;
What to do?
How to continue? 27 more words


#808 The day is over/don't listen to no one

Have you ever avoided something, or anguished over a certain future unavoidable event, to the point that it made you unwell? Stressed beyond belief? Incapable of rational thought? 452 more words


Get to Know Me

I’ve been very quiet on who I am. I do share bits and pieces here and there, but I haven’t really shared anything super personal. 157 more words


Be the Best Version of You

I was watching “The Doctors” today on a local channel. I rarely watch TV let alone this show. But they had a segment about autism and it peaked my interest. 499 more words

Mental Health

Antique Mall treasure

One of my favorite places in the world, will always be Antique malls. What is it about Antique malls? The likely hood to finding a fashion Treasure is very high! 294 more words