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The key to happiness: Becoming 'genuinely' you

We all seek attention and approval, but at what cost? Lose our souls in the process? I say no. So, if we have an identity crisis, how do we become the real us? 739 more words

Discovering You

Get to Know Me

I’ve been very quiet on who I am. I do share bits and pieces here and there, but I haven’t really shared anything super personal. 157 more words


Be the Best Version of You

I was watching “The Doctors” today on a local channel. I rarely watch TV let alone this show. But they had a segment about autism and it peaked my interest. 499 more words

Mental Health

Antique Mall treasure

One of my favorite places in the world, will always be Antique malls. What is it about Antique malls? The likely hood to finding a fashion Treasure is very high! 294 more words


Moana - Not just a kid's movie

It’s incredible the impact a children’s movie like Moana can have on you. Aimed at children for obvious reasons but filled with hidden gems in relation to life that we could all use reminding of from time to time. 480 more words

Unconditional Love

My Feelings in a Nutshell- Just Be Yourself

Wise words from Ann Voskamp.  Thank you Ann, for this reminder.  Similar ideas have been given to me lately.  I’ve been holding them in my heart because i’m still processing my feelings.  1,144 more words

Life In General

The world isn't ready for me

I have been stuck in this awkward area, where I don’t feel like I belong in any kind of group. I am not manly enough to be with the men, to manly to be with the women. 240 more words