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All about me!!!! #JustBeYou

The reason I’ve decided to wright this blog is because I think girls should love themselves for who they are!! I’ve seen a lot on social media on how a girl should look and I think social media is one of the main reasons why girls are so self-conscious.  368 more words

A Post For the Invisible, For the Uninvited, For the Ones Who Desperately Want a Seat at the Table

I sat down and broke bread with a friend this week.


Her sandwich involved fried jalapenos. Mine? Chipotle mayonnaise.

And sitting at a small metal table outside of a gas station (we’re fancy people, y’all), both my body and my heart were fed. 1,553 more words

A Planting Of The Lord

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

-Herman Melville

Quote Monday

-Today's society-

“Today, we live in a society where we are continuously judged by what we do and who we are. Today’s society publishes the most skinny women and establishes them as beautiful and that they have the perfect figure. 273 more words

Awards And All!


Blog Introspection Challenge

12.) How- if at all -has blogging changed your life?

It’s given me confidence, helped bring my creative side back out again, and given me the freedom to express the funny side of my personality through the image choices and captions that I use in my posts. 433 more words


I've Gotta Be Me!

I am experiencing what can only be described as a personal revelation. Something inside me is changing..growing. I feel like the cocoon that I have been encased in is finally breaking away. 575 more words

When You Stop Apologizing {And Simply Start Celebrating Who You Are}

Thirty-eight years.

It has taken thirty-eight years for me to start to feel it. This settling of my soul. This beginning of being comfortable with who I am and with who God made me to be. 1,535 more words

A Planting Of The Lord