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#thirstythursday / 2 things - just keep showing up and just be YOU

There has been a theme running through my head over the past several weeks.

Just keep showing up, Starr.

When it’s hard, just keep showing up. 534 more words

All Of The Daily

Weed on the side of the road

The world has it’s order

All beauty and grace

But now it’s time to be me

Be who you are

So I recently been thinking about who I am and self confidence. How self confidence can take years to build. Yeah that sounds kind of long and is it worth it? 488 more words

Letting Me be Me

Today I want to be me so you are allowed to be you.

I used to like to try out many different styles of hair, makeup, and clothing; everything was fair game. 776 more words

New Blogger

Mark D. Jones - Video Blog #96 - On Being Unique

Mark D. Jones – Video Blog #96 – On Being Unique ~ Mark describes the process of embracing your uniqueness to just be you, to live your truth, and to find your meaning and purpose through following your heart and pursuing your hopes and dreams. ☼ :)

Mark D. Jones

Rambling thoughts on a Monday

Ugh allergies…It’s been awhile, took a bulk of the spring off so Mother Nature can sex it up and spread her seed.(too graphic?) Not an excuse just a troublesome reality…anyway there’s nothing better then seeing a advertisement done right. 885 more words