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Gonna start a period of short writings/stories about me, maybe another me!

I have no mask, but I have other things which can compare to “a mask”. 272 more words


Allow yourself to just BE

I have been in a creative slump for a little while, I just cant seem to get whats in my head down onto a canvas. Art journals are good for these times because it just doesnt matter what ends up on the page of an art journal. 117 more words

Life Notes

Unlock and Unleash

When I think back on my childhood, some of my most vibrant memories are from the moments I would sit in my tiny bedroom, with grandma’s rickety card table, creating critters out of TicTac containers, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners. 531 more words


Embrace Who You Are!

It seems that we spend our lives trying to figure out who we are. During our teen years, we know everything. Our parents, well, they are simply clueless! 332 more words


Songs from "Oklahoma"

“Do what you love…love what you do…”

So many changes have taken place in my life, over the past few years.  I went from teaching in dress clothes to hauling poo in flannel lined carhartts.  284 more words


200,000 Words Daily

“Communication is to relationships what breathing is to living…”     ~Virginia Satir 321 more words