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#MotivationMonday 07.10.2017

You may have noticed that I’m not writing publicly as much these days. That’s because I’m doing a lot of work internally (and writing for myself). 83 more words


Experimenting with Meal Preparation

When trying to add exercise into your life…doesn’t it naturally feel like the next thing you turn your thoughts to is food and nutrition? 531 more words


The power of group support

When I decided to start exercising (JUST BEGIN journey), I set off full of enthusiasm, commitment and energy. However, in the back of my mind, I knew from previous experience that these feelings can soon wear off and motivation easily wanes. 434 more words


As a parent, is this my responsibility?

When I walk into my daughter’s room and regularly see a scene such as this, a question I ask myself is ‘whose job is this?’ 758 more words

Just Begin

Challenge Du Jour

How to decide which exercise works for you?

I have decided that home workouts are going to be the way forward to fit in with family life, and with the Beachbody workouts, there are a huge range of workout programs to suit everyone. 747 more words


Just Beginning


There comes a point when you feel ready for a change in your life.

Looking over my Facebook profile – I see it all…family photos, smiling children, exciting holidays and adventure…what a fun and fulfilling experience my life must appear! 840 more words