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Overuse of Color Grading (...look I clicked on a filter now I'm an artist.)

Everybody wants to be an artist, but sadly enough not everybody can be an artist. Actually pretty much anybody can be an artist if they were to actually take the time and put forth the effort to create something. 981 more words

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Dear Angie,

It’s hard to bring up during text or to tell you in person so I hope you read this and take it into consideration. I want to say that you deserve better because there was a time that no matter what day, year, season, partner that came my way…. 464 more words

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Why I Blog & Vlog (...Quite a novel thing those directions are.)

There is more to blogging & vlogging than some may think. Often when I am questioned about why I blog or vlog it is usually a non-millennial or to be frank “an older person.” 1,117 more words

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Guest Post @ Charlie Cochrane's blog

Hi everyone,

I wrote a quick post on the subject of Call To Arms for Charlie Cochrane’s blog. You should definitely check it out and, of course, … 15 more words

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Here we go again...

Hi everyone!

It’s time for NaNoWriMo again, and I’ve signed up as usual (because apparently I’m a total masochist). I’ll be writing a historical novel that may or may not involve a romance (I honestly can’t tell if that will pan out right now). 54 more words

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November Is Coming

It’s almost upon me – the familiar rush of excitement and dread, the (frankly batshit) idea of writing an entire novel (well, a draft of one) 411 more words

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It was legal

I live in a planned community with several neighborhoods within the one community and under one HOA. I hate the HOA but try to abide by most of the rules just because it’s easier than dealing with the asshats. 593 more words

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