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Chapter 5: Human Factors and the Ethics of Explaining Failure

by Roel van Winsen and Sidney W.A. Dekker

Practitioner summary

The idea that human performance is systematically connected to the features of people’s tools and tasks effectively constitutes the birth of human factors. 1,111 more words


A Closer Look at Training

The county budgets for the past few years have been littered with comments about their commitment to training. I know because I just spent a lot of time doing what I’ve been telling people to do for several years now. 1,432 more words

Local Politics

Learn your lessons (or crash and burn)

(this article was first posted at eSocSci.org.nz)

On 31 October 2014, the world’s first commercial passenger space ship crashed, killing the co-pilot and seriously injuring the pilot. 1,373 more words

The Straits Times: Doctor fined $2k for chemo-drug error

In this conservative society of Singapore, we don’t often hear about medical mistakes from the newspapers, but they do happen, such as this article from the Straits Times. 671 more words


Lessons from a Cat

After three years of amazing litter box use (she even went in the litter box to cough up hairballs), my cat Muffin looked me in the eye and pooped right on a rug outside of her litter box. 326 more words

Human Factors