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IMAGINE , not as JOHN said. IMAGINE, , how those that, NOW ,wish to see DONALD TRUMP become “THEIR” President, will “RESPOND” to PUTIN’S ‘syrup-titious ‘ seekings. 136 more words


I’m “old”

let’s see the stars “melt”

yes, everything ‘GO AWAY’

the “time” here, far too boring

such ‘SELF-DUMB’ on display

The job skills are, STILL, active… 67 more words

Pokéball Doughnut - Gotta Eat 'Em All !

Have you been roaming the streets of Washington searching for Pikachu? I returned from Paris to find that Pokémon Go had taken the United States by storm (and of course promptly downloaded the app as well). 185 more words

DC Life

Just Desserts

Here’s some advice for you on the street:
If you’ve a gal to sweep off her feet
take her down to a diner and buy her some pie… 378 more words



it doth appear that seek scans joys

not “truth”, nor ‘ruths’ for hope’s employs

these fingertips tilt to and fro

the witnesses thought ones’ should know… 32 more words

Ex-Hubby's Karma Cake Is Fully Baked (G-uno)

Some of the karma cakes we bake for ourselves fall neatly into that rare category of having a cake you don’t particularly want to eat. Cheating on your wife, and breaking up your home to start a life with a woman who is two years younger than your youngest daughter produces the kind of karma cake nobody’s emotional digestive system wants to digest. 414 more words

"Thank you" MULED PARTY

This IS the context of MY LAST try to the party I’ve supported since working on GEORGE McGOVERN’S ATTEMPT


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your message.  407 more words