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A Taste of Spring: Cherry Blossoms Everything

Cherry blossoms season is almost done here in Washington. The actual blossoms faded away late last week. Who can blame them? It’s been barely 40 degrees for the past two days… and don’t get me started on the wind! 475 more words

DC Life

You get what you do, so do wisely!


Literally: self – business / performance – self – get

Alternately: You reap what you sow. When you act, you will get results according to your actions. 80 more words


April's Fool: A fishy Fête in France...

The origins of April Fools are widely debated but the most commonly accepted explanation credits France for starting the holiday. That’s right. It all always come back to the French somehow ;-) 224 more words


Who of us is appreciated exactly the way we want to be and as we think we deserve? And on the timetable we have in mind? 32 more words

Short Thoughts

Apple Cinnamon Roll Rose Tarts

If you live in a city like Boston, brunching is basically a sport.  Finding a solid go-to place w excellent selections, reasonable prices, hangover-curing coffee, AND being able to get a seat in under an hour for you and your pals is not for the weary.   508 more words



‘Moby ducked & Just

wrote the time down in time

when all of a sudden:


thar she blows…”

rang out from above. 69 more words


Tuesday's Off: Slim Pickin's Make For Less Guilt & A Clearer Forehead

Nope, no booze and King Cake plastic coin and beads, almost tiny toy baby-swallowing baccanal-fest follwed by a day of dirty forehead repentance for me, folks. 179 more words