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Playing with Tricube Poetry

Phillip Larrea, a poet from California, is credited with creating the poetic form called Tricube. It is deceptively simple. Three stanzas. Three lines per stanza. Three syllable per line. 71 more words

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How to Cuddle Your Owl

I don’t think I can manage any more bad news today–so this, instead.

My cats put me to sleep when they cuddle me. But an owl? 42 more words


College Sports Fans Dressed in School Spirit Attire

In late August, it’s not unusual to see college kids moving into their dorms on campus with freshman doing so for the first time. However, it’s very likely that the college athletes have already moved back on campus and are preparing for another season, particularly football players. 4,082 more words


I got me this girl...

…who bakes cakes for every special occasion. She plans the surprise a week in advance, taking care that each detail makes the recipient glad.

…who makes gifts for her family and friends from the hard work of her two capable hands. 455 more words


Cringe-worthy (The Prologue)

I have strayed.

When I started this blog almost two years ago (anonymously, unpublished except to Lyart, and on a different platform) I had a sort of amorphous idea about what I was doing. 842 more words

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Pinocchio Murdered Jiminy Cricket: the Cover-up

In 1883 Carlo Collodi published The Adventures of Pinocchio, the tell-all book sensation which, in Chapter Four, described Pinocchio’s murder of his well-intentioned mentor, the “Talking-cricket”–better known by the name Disney gave him: Jiminy Cricket. 270 more words

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