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Luxuries of Life

I have been thinking a lot lately, like usual, about everything I am lucky to have…

My gorgeous college & my great job, my health, my loving and generous family, the awesome fall whether, my amazing, hilarious, caring, forgiving friends. 116 more words

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Quotes Galore

So as I was beginning my weekend with some good ole pinterest, I came upon a quote:

“If you never try you’ll never know”

I really liked this quote for 2 reasons. 184 more words

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Perfect for cuddling!

AHHH. Everyone leave your computer right now and throw some shoes on… Got your shoes on? Ok.

Now stand up and walk to the door. Open the door step outside and take a deep breath in. 153 more words

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Sophomore or Freshman?

What a great beginning to me sophomore year…. New job, new friends, new classes.

I love everything about the year so far except for one thing. 230 more words

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24 hours in a day... that's it?

The school year is slowly creeping up on me now…

As these last 5 days dwindle, the stress will raise!

I am now an RA, role model, student, friend, TRIPS coordinator, Zambia trip coordinator, and leader of Donum Ipsum. 158 more words

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Countdown begins...

The countdown has begun. T-12 days until I move back into school!!

I am getting beyond excited to be reunited with all of my friends… 122 more words

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Party of one!

HOLA! I just returned from the most fun thing I have done all summer.

I had been visiting a few friends from college the last 4 days, and oh boy it was a great time… 196 more words

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