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Just Friends

Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock

“Their past might be fake, but their future was real. It was theirs to build. It was real, unscripted and unplanned.”  619 more words

Book Reviews

If You Stay Friends, You Are Never Going To Get Over Him

You are never going to get over him if you keep answering his texts. If you keep hanging out with him. If you keep him close instead of keeping your distance. 487 more words

How High?

When you would do anything for someone, and they would do anything for you, isn’t that love? I don’t understand how someone can say we’re incompatible together when I feel like we are and he must have seen it in the beginning. 107 more words


When Almost Relationships Disguise Themselves As 'Just Friends'

“Just friends,” the words taste almost bitter coming off your tongue. Because you know it’s a lie.

Friends don’t look at each other the way you do. 701 more words

After A While I Learned To Stop Reading Signs That Weren’t There

After a while, I stopped getting excited about things that didn’t matter.

I used to get excited seeing you like a picture on my Instagram. 572 more words


Sorry but Pft is about all I can muster until I have had more coffee. Sunday morning, again. Where does the week go?

I am only on my second coffee, up early… 1,660 more words

Just Friends - a YA review

So Just Friends – Billy Taylor, this is popular? Why the buzz?

I have to be honest here, I have a good tolerance for contemporary young adult stories as these books are the type to be tame. 221 more words