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Too much Too late Too soon

When it seems to me

that this is the end

you just keep coming back

to me, my friend

I say that word with a smirk… 50 more words

Kait King Poetry

To The Boy Who Never Loved Me Back

Dear Boy,

You shall forever be known as boy to me because we met in our sophomore year of high school. Though your hairline is higher, the corners of your light brown eyes lined and your stomach softer you will always be a boy to me.   1,168 more words

Just Friends? A Gay Man Writes on Boundaries

**Note: The LGBTQ* community is comprised of many different identities and experiences; mine is not the only one. However, mine is the only one I’m able to write about from a personal perspective. 1,622 more words

I never learn.

I read somewhere that the definition for Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Then I am insane no… 523 more words

Pages From My Life

When You Break Your Best Friend's Heart

When you break your best friend’s heart, you break your own. When you break your best friend’s heart, you feel it in the very core of your being – the sharp pains in the chest that feel like a heart attack but are really just the emotional shocks that come with the realization that the person he is in love with and cares for most in the world will only ever care for him platonically. 257 more words

If you miss Christmas, like me

My dear followers, how has everyone been? Good? Great. That’s nice to hear. I like hearing that people are doing well.

Well I am back here, once again, to post about the thoughts that just cannot seem to leave my mind. 727 more words

Graduation Day!

Warning: This post is a little too late.

Days before our graduation, I posted a/n (obvious) teaser…

This Sunday…

A photo posted by Herleen (@herlsabillano) on Mar 18, 2015 at 8:35pm PDT…

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