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To smile

You make me smile.  You do.  With your cocky grin, and your hazel eyes.  When you exclaim after some new information in a game we’ve been playing for hours. 134 more words

The Sun Is Also A Star, family time and Cornish weather #LittleLoves

I almost skipped Little Loves this week because when I came to draft the post I thought it wasn’t very exciting. Then I remembered that blogging isn’t just about the good times; life can be mundane at times and we shouldn’t feel the need to hide it or embellish. 507 more words


Blog Challenge #12 & 13

Something you’re currently worrying about
I’ve been doing fairly “easy” topics for this blog challenge so far, but since I have more time to focus on my posts today, I feel like I want to open up a bit more. 1,173 more words

I am Nothing - S.L. Heaton

“Is this your better half?”

“No, not really.”

In a moment I was reduced to nothing. I turned my face so you couldn’t see the torment because I’ve never been good at hiding my feelings. 227 more words

Why I Can't Be "Just Friends" Anymore

My heart and my head have been battling each other lately. They have been battling over the fact that I could get a friendship back- if I was fine with being “just friends”. 618 more words


Guess we can't be friends

So I’m in a cab now heading home from hanging with my good friend that i’ve known since the 90’s we used to date at one point but for many years we’ve just been friends and … I’m feeling very uncomfortable… u know my therapist always talks to me about setting… 463 more words


10 Things I’ve Learned Losing Someone I Never Really Had

How does it feel to lose someone you never had as compared to losing someone you really had? It’s the same.

1. It was a breakup. 908 more words