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'Just Friends' Don't Act The Way We Do

If you just wanted to be friends,
why did you say it back
when I told you I was still in love with you?

If you just wanted to be friends, 247 more words

We’re “Just Friends”

I would’ve wanted more. That’s human tendency you know, you always want more! Even if this is good….even if it makes me happy. A little more wouldn’t have hurt. 70 more words

Back to Normal...

I texted him…you know when you just need some lame excuse to say something so you can text in hopes of maybe making the situation better, well I tried for that & it worked because we were back to fun & flirting… 345 more words


The Single Guy Next Door

I had decided, for the first time in my adult life, to take an unlimited dating hiatus. I’d had it with online weirdos. I was beginning to entertain happy thoughts of spinsterhood, or at least, to truly relish focusing on… 1,699 more words

It's Not Always Like The Movies

15 Signs You’re Just Friends Even Though You Don’t Want To Believe It

1. He hasn’t asked you on a date.

When a guy likes you he’ll ask you on a date, it’s that simple.

2. You haven’t hooked up even drunk. 504 more words

When You Break Up You Can't Stay Friends With Your Ex

Can you be friends with your ex? The answer is no.

It’s a topic that divides a lot of people.

When we enter a relationship, we’re on our best behaviour (generally speaking). 452 more words

"The Silence" by Bastille

I had a lot of trouble deciding what song to do today. I wanted to continue the wide variety I demonstrated from Day 1 to Day 2. 1,259 more words

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