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Thinking about Nate makes me want to cry. I had such a great friend in him, the type of friend who just listened when I needed someone to talk to. 124 more words


Letter To The Man I Loved (Who Didn't Give A Sh*t About Me)

It’s my birthday and I’m really fucking mad at you. I guess it’s me, really. I’m mad at myself. I don’t know why I looked at my phone, at Facebook, expecting something. 570 more words

Why Women and Men Can’t be “Just Friends”?

        You’ve heard it before, men and women can’t be friends without being sexually attracted to one another and depending on your relationship situation, you’re probably one who has made this statement. 755 more words

so there’s too things on my life tonight world, nostalgia and “almost lovers”.

let’s start with the latter.

“almost lovers” what does it even mean? to me, it’s someone who calls you up when they’re lonely (not just for sex, but also for companionship). 538 more words

F*ck My Life

Apparently “I’m in a long distance relationship” translates to “TOTES SINGLE!” in man language. Sigh.

TWICE this week has a man, aware of my situation with the Poet… 922 more words


Can MALE and FEMALE be friends?

Can MALE and FEMALE be friends? NO! … SHOCKED?  Yes! Because this is a bitter reality. In fact I am going to tell you more bitter realties of our life. 489 more words

Forget My Name

The clock strikes 12 as I look to the sea. I dream about what I could be. And as the sun begins to rise, I’ll force a smile and wipe my eyes. 355 more words