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Day 91 - Bad dream

Last night I had one of those dreams where I woke up still feeling the emotions of the dream.  Unfortunately they were not happy emotions. 563 more words

Day 90 - Living in the mystery

Today my family had lunch for my brother’s birthday.

It was a lovely sunny warm day and we went to an outdoor place.  Now I feel quite tired and drained. 408 more words

Day 87 - Advice

Sometimes it feels good to let go.

It looked like a childish tantrum, but it felt like a release when I was done.

I even managed to complete the task I started, and it turned out better than I expected. 355 more words

Day 84 - Voices

Busy, busy, busy with waiting.

Right now I’m waiting for a phone call to tell me what time the nurse will be here to take some blood. 447 more words

Day 82 - Little wins

Today I took my own advice.

I was upset about the flow on of being sick.  My health is improving and I’ve responded well to treatment.  468 more words

Day 77 - Finding the time

I’ve had a busy week, it’s 4 days in to the new month and I haven’t written anything or done anything on the new website project. 447 more words


Do you need to get back on track? Or are you requiring an extra push to stay on track? Do what you love, allow yourself to be led and fed by your passion. 284 more words

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