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Haikyuu! Season II ep 17

You know Haikyuu is getting beyond shit intense when Daichi loses a tooth.

That is all.


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Haikyuu! season II ep 16


That is all.

Ugh, now I gotta wait a whole week.



Dammit, Tsuki never got any awesome screen time after his episode in the spotlight :Y Geez. 38 more words

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Start!

Straight from the 90s, in all its classical galore- I started Sailor Moon todaaay~!

I’d type out more about it, but that would require me to pause watching it for far too long :3 So that’s about it for this post. 8 more words

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Blaming Brian

Some may not be aware that I have dubbed my brain Brian. (Go watch Igor, although I named him that before I saw the movie.) Anyhoo, here’s a tale from my AP Physics class a few weeks ago. 132 more words

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BookReview- The Maze Runner

Finallyyyy read it and finished it! Perfectly in time too. It’s movie comes out day after tomorrow. (And STYLES is in it!!!!) I actually have a bit to say about it. 23 more words

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Maybe Calculus BC?

This is just a short update on today’s maths related awesomeness.

So since we had our physics quiz yesterday, everyone asked Patel if he had checked it yet. 240 more words

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Ze New Newton's Second Law

Okaaaay, so I know I haven’t been posting in foreverrrr, but it’s senior year, man! I’m busy. Especially what with moving and all.

But forget all that. 116 more words

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