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Achievement unlocked: Driving License acquired.

So the past year and a few months have been rough with me getting a license.

First, I had to wait a few months to get a permit since I was already 17, but I didn’t want to enroll in a drivers ed class. 650 more words

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Best. Social. Experiment. Ever.

Today Zahra came over and told me about conducting some sort of social experiment for her psych class. I definitely wanted in. So what did we do? 259 more words

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Movie Night Out of Boredom- Bollywood Edition

I’ve been jamming out to some serious Shah Ruh Khan recently and another movie with damn catchy music in it would be Jab We Met which so happens to be one of my first recallable bollywood films I’ve seen as a kid. 138 more words

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Boredom, Pens, and Why not?

Today was one of those boring ish days that just seemed to drag on and oooon to the point where you forget any good reason to keep sticking to your schedule. 438 more words

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Haikyuu! Season II ep 17

You know Haikyuu is getting beyond shit intense when Daichi loses a tooth.

That is all.


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Haikyuu! season II ep 16


That is all.

Ugh, now I gotta wait a whole week.



Dammit, Tsuki never got any awesome screen time after his episode in the spotlight :Y Geez. 38 more words

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Start!

Straight from the 90s, in all its classical galore- I started Sailor Moon todaaay~!

I’d type out more about it, but that would require me to pause watching it for far too long :3 So that’s about it for this post. 8 more words

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