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Yesterday was a day filled with unexpected delights and happy discoveries

The sight of a perfect spring morning as I drove to work.  

A hidden courtyard adjacent to an often visited but extremely busy street that reminded me of pictures from Spain.  31 more words

Just Me

Fake It 'Til You Make It

Fake it ’til you make it.

Guess I’m following this in life. I’ve learned the hard way that life isn’t a race and that whatever happens, it happens in God’s time. 34 more words

Just Me


Sometimes I have to sit and breathe, and ask myself the timeless question, What would Jesus do? I have to put myself in His shoes. Those shoes walked so many miles. 621 more words

Just Me

Still here

I’m waiting for you to leave, you know.  You feel like home. I never have to watch myself or try to be something I’m not when I’m with you.  455 more words

Just Me

running away

I haven’t been feeling good for awhile now. There’s too much negativity that’s bubbling inside me that I’d rather not pour it all out here. Sometimes, life’s just tough you know. 259 more words

FFF - 3-16-18

5 pounds.  I’ve lost 5 pounds since the week of February 10th.  I just looked back at my planner, and there it was.  I weighed 5 pounds more that week. 296 more words



Floating through my mind
Drifting in the air
Dancing on the page

Thoughts 23 more words