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FOMO Life Crises...

In the past probably 10 months, I’ve had some rather strange life crises.  And the worst part of all?  They’re not even things that I SHOULD be crisis-ing about!   834 more words

Just My Life

Hello, Cape Town!

We’ve just come back from a short Cape Town holiday which we took sans munchkin, meaning we could do a lot more and then cry about how much we miss him (parenting, man). 1,093 more words

Just My Life

Blake, the Handbag Dog

Story time:
Let me introduce you to my handbag dog, Blake.  No, he’s not a real dog.

I bought Blake for R18 at a store called Lemon Tree.   444 more words

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Choosing a More Positive Life

At the beginning of the year, round about when everyone makes resolutions that they probably won’t keep and we all want the same things, I made a decision: remove the negative clutter and BE MORE POSITIVE.   472 more words

Just My Life

The Power of Growing

A year ago, I decided to make a change in my life.  Granted, this decision came shortly after another huge change in my life, but still…it was a big thing for me.   858 more words

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The art of juggling: being a MOM and a CEO

I went back to work when Kvido was 2,5 half months old. I was still breastfeeding (partially) and my work days were planned in three hour blocks. 1,319 more words

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Time for another update

To all the N and Itamar fans out there, here is an update.

N is doing much, much better. He was discharged yesterday, and continues to receive therapies on an outpatient basis. 183 more words

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