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Surprised Myself!

As you all know, I’m very much into photography.  I’ve got my business page on Facebook  up and running as well as a Twitter Account.  I’m still trying to figure that one out.  527 more words

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Curiosity Of Human Nature

We all goes through struggles, I think that is pretty much an understatement. Each and every one of us go through things only we know and could possibly feel. 383 more words

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Cursed Child on Broadway~!

When Cursed Child was originally released as a book, I… didn’t read it. Half of that was obliviousness – I wasn’t super sure when exactly the book came out and I only realized it was out because of my friends were posting about it on Facebook. 514 more words

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30 Things I would tell my younger self...

In June by the Grace of God I will be 30…Third floor you All!!!

I will have lived three decades on planet earth, God has been merciful. 1,127 more words

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Obviously wrong , What you did?


Everyone want to know why i named the title like this???

Because every person in their life come across this sentences at-least once. Its not just a sentence…. 84 more words

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Just my aftie thoughts

It’s been a month since I left my job, a job I once dreamt of. I just realize not all we dream of becoming is meant for us but how would you know if it’s not meant or meant for you if you wouldn’t give a try, right? 171 more words

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"I will not ask 'Why?!' anymore.."

Growing in relationship with God means I have grown in love with Him A LOT. This also means I have grown in love for myself as His beautiful daughter, but I have especially grown in love for people. 573 more words

Just My Thoughts.