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Silence. Part Five

Dr. B did not respond to my last email in November 2014, but that is okay. I figured, my reply may have been advertently blunt for his liking or he did not want to get involved in an attempt to cover his back. 647 more words


Celebration of ‘adultery’

A lot has been written, spoken, and discussed about women’s rights, freedom, the ongoing struggles against misogyny, and several other issues of relevance in today’s knowledgeable yet regressive society of ours. 883 more words

Just My Thoughts

And this is one right back buddy....Part Four

JennyRay McGee &> Nov 20 (3 days ago) to /td>

Hello Dr. B-

Since we’re having a free flowing honest conversation I’m not going to hold back my thoughts or opinions. 1,138 more words


So Sorry

This is me. This is how I feel every day of my life. I feel like nothing.

Just My Thoughts