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Throwback Tuesday - Katara (Avatar the Last Airbender)

So wow because I made Katara SO long ago that when I pulled out her super old tunic top, the creases were I folded it away into storage are permanently there. 219 more words


Top Of The World - Daily Prompt

Top of the World, Laguna Beach, California

Water has always been my element of choice. I am drawn to the ocean like a mermaid or something, I can't explain it. 33 more words

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Whispers in the Night

Have you ever just been wandering around at night with no real goal in mind? Well, I have. Sometimes it goes really well and i have some form of miraculous realization as to how my life is turning out or I will get a great idea to do something new. 273 more words

In The Eye of the Hurricane

I know a staggering number of successful people. I often can’t believe it, like, is this normal? I don’t think so. And they’re all people I grew up with in one way or another, meaning I knew them at the beginning of their journeys and have watched their success unfold. 550 more words

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Music video

Watching a music video, of a song that you’re crazy about, is disappointing: It is never as you imagine and sometimes it doesn’t even come close.

One Sentence Posts


Have you wondered how our priorities keep shifting at various stages in our life? What was terribly important a decade ago, now seems trivial and vice versa – what we thought of as unnecessary now seems to be of paramount importance. 225 more words

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A Symphony of Laughter

Her laugh has always been so sweet, like music to my ears.. throughout the growing and the changing of her years it’s stayed the same.. 

Just My Thoughts