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Canada after NAFTA

Maybe it’s the West coast air, but I have found myself wanting to buy local. I buy BC fruit and veg, BC wine and beer, I avoid corporate restaurants and business as much as possible. 748 more words


Clapping, Braids, and Tying Shoes

(awww baby me sleeping peacefully unaware of the horrors of adulthood)

The title of this post all relates to things I probably will never be able to do. 387 more words

Tiptoeing or Stomping

I am trying to understand which approach would be better – the subtle tiptoeing through the problem at hand or the Big Bang blow out approach. 380 more words

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Giving up....

“Striving for excellence.”

“Go for it.”

“Sweat it out. ”

“Keep moving.”

“If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. Giving up is not an option.” 538 more words

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Friends who Blog together, Stay Together

Life is nuts. Anyone who says different is living in a box and not going outside much. That is why in this crazy journey we call life it is so important to have a tribe, a community, other people who you can rely in the moments when you aren’t even close to having your shit together.   497 more words

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Human Behaviors: A Teen's Struggle

Human behavior is often nutured, learning from friends, family and especially parents. We react a certain way, or do a certain thing at most times subconsciously. 522 more words

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My concept of space

No – this is not about the great beyond and the galaxies there. This is more about the concept of personal space. That small probable one-foot of space around our bodies that we would like to claim as ours. 457 more words

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