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Inspiration at the Treylor Park

Gourmet Everyday Visits Savannah Restaurant Treylor Park

It’s no secret that we spend A LOT of time in Savannah.  It’s one of our favorite cities to visit.   675 more words

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Why Do Subs Like the Thought of Being Ganged Up On?

As i looked at this photo, i started fantasizing (AGAIN!) of being at an All Female Party and being the reason for the party. A party where i am the object of desire. 123 more words


Just My Thoughts #66

If you’re afraid to use your strong voice for change…then you are a careless whisper allowing the injustice and destruction of all that is good in this world

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Just My Thoughts#65

Just finished watching Colin McGregor post fight news conference after winning the UFC lightweight championship to go with his current featherweight belt and he said two key things….1 st he mentioned that everything went just as he visioned it years ago…..2 nd, he stated that he knows his value and will not settle for anything less even more so now because he will having a child soon…..what if we all believed in our abilities…trusted our visions, realized our value and never settled……

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Just My Thoughts#64

Trying to operate consciously while putting your capitalistic endeavors first causes churches, businesses and public leaders to sell out their community for the big payoff

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Just My Thoughts #63

Doing what you are called to do in life is not always easy. Sometimes it can be a weary process filled with the adversities and failures that you encourage others to overcome. 47 more words

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Dream Job

Mungkin gw adalah salah satu orang yang ngerasa kalo dulu itu gw salah ngambil jurusan…

Jaman SMA dulu, gw bener-bener ga kebayang ya di masa depan itu gw mau kerja apa, soalnya waktu itu orang tua juga punya usaha sendiri yang mesti gw bantu urusin, trus banyak temen-temen seangkatan gw yang ngambil jurusan ekonomi, jadi waktu itu yah gw ikut-ikutan aja, kuliah ambil jurusan ekonomi, hiks, I really wish I knew then what I know now… 143 more words

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