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Every Disney Movie . . . Ranked

In today’s edition of not finishing my novel, I’ve decided to rank every Disney movie ever made in order of my favorites. Disney fans, I’m sure you’ve pondered your favorite Disney movies—probably even assembled a top ten—but have you ever ranked… 442 more words

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Random Mid week Musings...

There is poet or a writer trapped in my heart aching to let loose…but I fear if the release will unleash that which I cant handle…maybe someday I will unlock that mystery, until then…allow me to muse about the stars and everything in between… 1,011 more words

"Just My Thoughts"

Witchcraft didn't come from your Grandmother! (Well, most of us anyways)

Can I rant?

This will be short and maybe not so sweet.

I am so sick of the “About” sections of witchcraft blogs where the author tells everyone a load of… 431 more words

The Art of “No”

Saying no is so easy for some people.  They can cut you off mid-sentence with a shake of the head, a quick hand gesture before verbally letting you know that they will not be able to do what you are asking – no explanations given, to the point, with a smile that is not condescending or rude, nor apologetic or guilt ridden.  302 more words

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Brown Paper Bag - please?

I accompanied my daughter on a field trip last week.  I got to pack lunch for us – quinoa with kale, spinach greens, watermelon radish and onions, rattlesnake green beans, spinach with garlic and sesame seeds and sprouted mung beans.  276 more words

Just My Thoughts