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My favorite part of the day

Perhaps, my favorite part of the day is those few seconds before I open my eyelids but feel the sun gently caressing them. That moment when I choose which aspect of The Creator I will embody today.

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teachers and kindness

I first moved to Singapore to study when I was 11 years old in the early 90’s. As a pre-teen in a foreign land who could barely speak English, you can imagine how terrifying it must be. 425 more words

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The Perfect Home Recovery Room

OK, each of us will need the perfect recovery room at home, sometime in our lifetime.  Now for women, it should  first and foremost come  with a shirtless male nurse;  second requirement, he needs to look fairly good.   1,904 more words

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Squirrel on the Move

I work in the business office of a University. Today, a newly-hired professor called to ask if she could use some of her relocation allowance to cover the cost of moving her pet. 48 more words

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Childish ideals

The older I get the more I realize that I was very idealistic as a child. Even throughout my 20’s, I held on to those ideals as if my life depended on them. 410 more words

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Of Course {Por Supuesto}

A few short weeks ago, we were just setting up a schedule and preparing for our first discipleship classes. And now we are a month into some of them, a few weeks into others and God keeps bringing more opportunities. 549 more words

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