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Chrysalis: a preparatory or transitional state

I look into my tea leaves and what I choose to see is the life of a writer. A quiet house by the sea or in the country, a child playing in the living room, a husband editing in the study or rehearsing for an audition, and me in a nook with a computer diving deep into other worlds. 717 more words

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Introspection and self-worth

There is this really relevant quote of Woody Allen where he wants to live his life starting from death and ending before birth. Seems to make a lot of sense. 484 more words

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No Sleep Til..

Insomnia has somehow become the story of my life. While my family sleeps I get lost in my own little world. Not doing anything, really. 499 more words

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Precious in His Eyes

You matter.

You belong.

You are valuable.

You are loved.

You are wanted.

How often do we want to hear those words? How often do we crave even the smallest encouragement that tells us we matter? 557 more words

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Time Management - Matters

I absolutely love my smart phone.  I love a pen and paper even more when it comes to keeping up with my day-to-day efforts.

I am a major technogirl! 96 more words

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When it comes to kids in restaurants, empathy should go both ways

I’d originally read this article a few months ago, then it popped up again last week in the “recommended stories” feature on another website. This is a first person account of a parent with small children out to eat at a busy restaurant. 816 more words

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Take it easy, take it slow.

It’s made me realize that I need to take it easy. Take things slow, because it’s better to live in the moment than live in an unclaimed future.

784 more words
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