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Let Kendrick Lamar Down, or the Audacity of Macklemore

Something like 600 days ago, America watched and cheered as newbie pop-rapper Macklemore accepted the Grammy award for releasing the “Best Rap Album” of 2013. Hip-Hop America, meanwhile, alternated between bewilderment, anger, and the deeply cynical amusement that we Blacks have grown accustomed to employing in the face of blatant erasure. 781 more words


Short Story - Reminiscence

At the age of twenty-five going yet another year older, I seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a student, to enjoy time spent with friends, to smile and laugh with no real worries except the worry of having a boyfriend and actually keeping one. 158 more words

Just My Thoughts

Perichoretically Baldwin

I get asked all the time, “Why do you quote James Baldwin so much?” My answer oftentimes, “Why don’t you quote him at all?” Baldwin is the epitome of what art should resemble. 228 more words

Just My Thoughts

Just My Thoughts!

Originality mixed with the unimaginable..
Morals overcome by dark shadows…
Respect altered by fear of power
Realness no longer the tallest tower…..

Small talk for the mindless… 29 more words


Wal-Mart's Music Section

First, a confession: I often Google for ZIP files when I hear that a new album dropped, okay? I’m not proud of it. It’s just that Amazon and Apple make it so cumbersome to download music. 420 more words


Mistakes Happen.

Some people believe that the world ends when they’ve made a mistake. That this is it, this is the end. There is no solution, no answer to the problem. 370 more words


"Black Lives Matter"...just thinking

The thought of black love is something that is symbolically hated. It appears that if you show love and support for black bodies then it is impossible to show love for anything else. 321 more words

Just My Thoughts