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Photographic Interlude.

This is the Holocaust Memorial in Rabin Square. The Memorial is cool, but more of note are the number of people I have seen napping under it in chaise lounges. 109 more words

A few more pictures while I freak out and hope that at least one apartment calls us back.

I have absolutely no idea what these manhole covers say, but they are nailing the graphic design:

Slightly hard to see, but some streets have these medians with bike lanes in opposite directions on either side, and a pedestrian walkway in the middle. 55 more words

Happy Birthday Chicken

My eldest daughter turned 19 today and I cannot believe how quickly those years flew by. I still look at her and remember the day she came into this world. 208 more words

Brenda Benoit

Summertime - fruits time (photos)

One thing of summertime I love are the bushes and trees full of fruits.

It is also the time I eat a lot of fruits.Not because its healthy, but because I want to. 46 more words