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Pumpkin Patch 2017

Every year we go to the same Pumpkin Patch as a matter of habit. We take the same old pictures with a bunch of pumpkins and scarecrows and try to sneakily take photos of others doing the same thing. 14 more words

Just Photos


A warm day in autumn is always welcomed, even when it is slipping away. The town is ready for the night.

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Rose, Always

No matter where it grows, it is still a rose.

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Just Photos...?

Since there are more ways to express oneself than just with words, I thought it would be interesting to have a page for photos I take every once in a while when I feel inspired by something. 21 more words

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Last summer days (photos)

Saturday – Weekend.!!!

We decided to enjoy the sunny day and make a few photos.

We found a huge meadow full of this flowers. It looked so beautiful <3