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Margaret Zhang's Talent

I came across Margaret Zhang while exploring on Tumblr. She is a young genius  who loves fashion and food among other things. Check her out.


Just Photos

Here's Your Sign, New Zealand edition

Letters, words, and numbers are all around us all the time. In fact, I’d bet that our hometown in Delaware boasts a few quirky signs that I’ve never even noticed. 143 more words

Daily Life

First Day!

The sound of excited chatter from the kids’ room woke me this morning. It sounded like Christmas or the first day of school; with gradual waking awareness, I realized that it couldn’t possibly be Christmas. 590 more words


Port Hills Hike

After spending a good bit of yesterday and some time today taking care of necessities and errands, this afternoon we broke free from the stoplights, suburban lawns, and shopping car parks to hike. 271 more words


Growing Up

In just a under three weeks in New Zealand, Evelyn (11 years old) sure has been growing up fast: height, attitude, maturity. And she’s starting middle school on Monday!


British Biscuit Cutters

Tea and biscuits is one of the best things about being British.  It can heal broken hearts and temper break downs.  It can pick you up and relax you.   254 more words

Not A Recipe

12 Days of New Zealand

Today marks 12 days of living in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand. I polled the family this morning about their favorite things we’ve done, seen, or experienced so far in our time here. 124 more words