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Two sides of fall - part two (photos)

I made all this photos at the same sunny day, even if it may not look like it

Most of this photos are made only a few yards away from the apple tree :D… 15 more words


Two sides of fall - part one (photos)

WOW I didnt knew it has been this long time since my last post.:(

A wunderful summer with going to the beach, being lazy sometimes, hunting Pokemon and skipped my sewing lessons for more than 2 months is over. 101 more words


Old Year, New Pics.

Since my last post was kind of a downer, here are some non-downer pictures. As of the other day (Rosh HaShanna), it’s a new year in Tel Aviv (5777), so here are a few pictures from the old year (aka the last month). 243 more words

Underwater Life

I love the sea. I also love marine life, and I would absolutely love to take photos of it. But, the nearest reef is in Eilat (the southest city in Israel), which is 4 hours away from me. 151 more words


Alien Invasion

Having a yard in your house is perfect for any macro photographer – suddenly, you don’t necessarily need to go somewhere to take some nice shots. 355 more words


Tales of the Carmel Market

I don’t think I know anyone in Israel that didn’t spend some (or most) of their time in Dizengoff center, King George street and the Carmel Market as teenagers. 1,039 more words