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Kale Chips

Kale chips are often mocked. I don’t think they’re a way to convince someone of how delicious kale is, but if you already like kale, you probably find it tasty when it’s dehydrated, salted and seasoned with lemon juice or a spice mixture. Certainly I enjoy it.


Cinnamon-Raisin Bread

I had some extra bread dough from the chard-halloumi galettes, so I mixed in some raisins and cinnamon, let it rise a bit more and baked it.


Strawberry Halloumi Salad

To go with the chard-halloumi galettes, I served a salad of strawberries soaked in cremoso di balsamico, halloumi, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, and cremoso di balsamico.


Chinese Dumplings

I made dumplings filled with with cabbage, carrot, lily flower, mu-err mushroom and garlic chives.


Cauliflower Curry with Yoghurt

Recently I made cauliflower curry with yoghurt (leaving out the potatoes in this recipe) using Romanesco cauliflower. I served it with channa methi masala… 6 more words


A Day at the Derby Spring Tea

Every year in the spring, Rose, Joji, and Rita host a Spring Tea for a few of their girlfriends.  A fun social gathering to hang out, catch up, and have brunch and tea. 951 more words

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