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Pea Curry with Onion and Tomato

This is just another quick dinner I made using snow peas, tomato, onion and coriander leaf as the main ingredients.


Grilled Okra in Butter Sauce

I tried a recipe for grilled okra for lunch, substituting half a red onion I had on hand for the shallots. I used mint as my herb and included the lemon zest. 8 more words


Roasted Yams with Chickpeas and Yoghurt

I tried this recipe for roasted yams with chickpeas and yoghurt but used purple yams and added some yellow beets. It occurred to me that I might have gotten a similar colour effect with orange sweet potatoes and red beets. 57 more words


Sweet Rhubarb Bread

I made a simple loaf with a sweet rhubarb filling by first making a dough of whole wheat flour, white flour, salt, lemon juice, sugar, yeast, water and a bit of peanut oil. 61 more words


Marinated aubergine/eggplant II

I reprised the marinated eggplant/aubergine dish, this time rubbing the eggplant with olive oil and roasting it in the oven. I also used mirin in place of vinegar and agave syrup.

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Black-eyed Pea and Chard/Mangold Stew

This is a really tasty dish. I made it with rainbow chard/mangold. Don’t skimp on the lemon juice, as it really adds to the dish. 8 more words