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Brunch Beauty Shots

And now we find ourselves in that wonderful time of year

when blueberries and peaches are both in season.


Vegetable Juice for a Workout

When I wake up in the morning I’m generally thirsty, but if I plan to exercise I have found that consuming enough plain water to quench my thirst will give me a stitch in my side during my workout. 117 more words

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Refreshing Apple Salad

With the warmer weather I often find a salad is sufficient for dinner. I started with this recipe but made quite a few substitutions. Instead of radish, I used carrot. 71 more words

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Carrot-ginger Soup and Green Beans

I started with this recipe but decided I didn’t want lemon juice but a bit of an extra spice kick. I ended up adding a bit of garam masala while it was simmering. 11 more words

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Yeast-Leavened Rye-Buckwheat Pancakes

For breakfast I made rye-buckwheat pancakes leavened with yeast, served with a purée of fresh strawberries sweetened with maple syrup.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

I used this recipe for the gravy but used another recipe for the chicken. When I make a barbecue I often cook some chicken tikka at the end, which I then use over the next few days in other dishes.

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Fava Bean Meze

I’ve posted so many pictures of meze that I don’t bother to post most times I prepare it. Suffice to say, it’s a summer favourite. But I’m not just sticking with old favourites like baba ghanoush (left), yogurtlu havuc salatasi (bottom) and fresh pita; I also try new dishes such as fava bean puree.

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