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Cranking It Up A Notch

Jesus, like it’s not bad enough already, now the fuckers spying on us want REAL TIME capabilities to intercept your Email and Chat messages.

Just being able to access your record logs isn’t good enough anymore. 399 more words

Lying Sacks Of Weasel Shit

Spread 'Em Suzie, You Slut

The fact that this fucking bill got as far as it did doesn’ t really surprise me. The fact that it was introduced by some fucking douchebag Republican doesn’t either. 259 more words

Wiping Yer Ass On The Constitution

Good Riddance, You Racist MotherFucker And Stay Gone.

MSNBC has “indefinitely suspended” that fucking jackass throwback Pat Buchananon as a result of his assholiness getting his racist screeds published in a new book last October. 101 more words

Crazy Fucking Bastards

Happy New Years,Joey, You Rotten Sonofabitch.

Just to start it right, remember, Joe Lieberman is gone after this year.

Just for a double plus bonus, that other republican Light, Ben Nelson(T for Traitor) from Nebraska just bailed out too. 157 more words

Country Rapers

Bring Out Yer Dead

Who would have thought that folks can’t afford ten thousand dollar funerals any more?

According to the USA Today, the dead tree version of the news that is afforded to me gratis at the hotel I am currently burrowed into, the entire country has seen at least a ten percent increase in unclaimed bodies and funerals for indigent people. 135 more words

Just Plain Dirty Sonsofbitches


First off, watch this video and let me say that these pussy motherfuckers do not belong in my country.

Then read this fucking horseshit;

BROWNSVILLE – Random car and truck inspections are wrapping up at the Port of Brownsville.

252 more words
Wiping Yer Ass On The Constitution

Weiner Goes Limp

After getting pounded by the media, Anthony Weiner is going to step down.

I am still waiting for Vitters resignation after admitting SEVERAL YEARS AGO, that he had used the services of a prostitute. 61 more words

Assholes Getting Their Asshole Examined