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Asheville Bigfoot?

This is close to home for me. I’m not far from Asheville. But this video is highly suspect.

If you catch anything strange or unusual, do you a.) let your little dog run after it; and b.) follow your little dog with the camera when you’ve got an unobstructed view of said creature? 52 more words

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Two Tickets to Heaven, Please

The mummy of a premature fetus is found tucked beneath the feet of a Bishop! How’s that for opening a can of worms? There’s a novel here. 11 more words

Just Plain Strange

Booze with Boos?

In my opinion, booze is not a good idea. This is what gets Ouija board users in trouble. It only makes people disrespectful of the living and the dead. 26 more words

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Slenderman: Fact or Fiction?

This article claims that the Slenderman has been part of folklore for centuries, yet I’ve never heard of such a creature. Have you?


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Odin and the Lady Bug

Had to pass along a great post claiming that Odin was the original Santa.


And, last night in my holiday hotel room in the great white north a lady bug flew into the room. 414 more words

Just Plain Strange