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Anna Kendrick Gets Real On Rejection: 'This Guy So Obviously Wasn't Into Me'

Hindsight is 20/20 for Anna Kendrick.

The 31-year-old actress opens up about an early relationship in an exclusive excerpt from her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, 555 more words


Better Enjoy It While You Can.

The divestiture of public land to the States makes me angry. I mean really damn angry and the question is why?  Superficially I don’t fit the demographic that supports the “let’s keep the Fed’s managing the land” side of the argument. 511 more words

Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks

Florida is a burning trash heap, but it doesn't have to be

It should come as no great shock to anyone that the state of Florida, is well, a state of disgrace. We’re not just talking about my good buddy Florida Man lobbing alligators through drive-thrus, or leaving his kids in the care of strippers at Thee Brass Flamingo while he goes on a meth binge; rather, we’re talking about the governance, or rather, malign negligence of the state government when it comes to enforcing, or even just giving more than a passing glance to critical issues like water quality. 253 more words

Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks

And Then There’s Just Not Giving a Shit

This sort of douchebaggery should be painful.

You watch, some Saturday afternoon right after cartoons, humanity will be wiped out by ridiculous alien invaders, and it WON’T be because they want our planet or our women or our precious bodily fluids, oh no. 25 more words

Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks