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Day 272: I am eager

It’s been a difficult, heavy few weeks. The kind of difficult that quietly piles up when you’re not even looking, the kind of heavy that has manifested in ways I couldn’t understand – an unexplained lethargy, an inability to find the words to say the things I want to, an inability to engage in conversation beyond the bare minimum.  839 more words

Life And Times

The most incredible article about karma you'd ever read.

All Finns are honest.”

Are they ALL really? If yes, why do my experience prove otherwise?

No. Most Finns are honest. Not all. 

You see, I had once thought that it was perfectly normal to start work without a written contract. 795 more words


Day 271: Control issues, part 2

So often, the trouble with me, is that I mistake taking charge for taking control. They’re two entirely different things, and my mind boggles at the number of times I have confused the two. 447 more words

Life And Times