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You’re so selfish. You think people hurt you. You’re always whining about how people have let you down but ever thought about the ones you let down? 12 more words

North Station and the Beach

We’re taking the day off.  We arrived at our Barcelona apartment about 11 pm last night, pretty worn out.  The train was roomy and comfortable, but let’s just say it was not an express. 297 more words


Glad to be back

Where to start?

Life has been very hectic to say the least. As you can see it has been months since I last wrote. There are a number of things that have been going on. 237 more words

Just Saying ~ February 12th

Anyone know this feeling? You know when someone is really pushing your buttons?

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Tell Me What You Really Think!

Yes, that’s my car.  People notice my bumper stickers.  They often give me a sign of their approval or disapproval:  “Thumbs up” for agreement, and “middle finger” for disagreement.   298 more words

Just Saying...