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Hair today, gone tomorrow (Plus a Brush!)

If you are an avid Surrounded by Pretty reader (which I know you are), you were aware of my hair plight¬†and how I wanted to chop chop chop ‘er off. 429 more words


Networking? More like Netfunning.

I’ve been trying to plug the h-e-double hockey sticks outta this bloggie, I’ve made a facebook page, changed up my Instagram, started a new… 163 more words

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Lazy Bones: 1 Month Post!!!

I decided to let my hair down and have a girls night in with my bestest and failed to harness my creative juices to come up with a post. 115 more words

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Style Your Surfaces (Part II)

I forgot to put in the inspirational pretties for the coffee table lecture. Your coffee table could be how you want your home to be represented. 55 more words

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Frolicking about the Farmers Market

I love farmers markets. I never get to them though. Hub and I have been talking about getting to the Denville Farmers Market for weeks now, and finally we had a Sunday to do it. 378 more words


Successful Little Saturday

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Victory Victory that’s our cry!!!!

xoxo Stephanie

(refer to gimme gimme now)


Blogger Inspiration: Peppermint Bliss

Before I started Surrounded by Pretty I was a blogaholic. But not like a million blogs, there’s 5 specifically. I stalked them all day everyday. 355 more words

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