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Just Some Thoughts: Worlds - Porter Robinson

Creating a new and defining sound in the diverse genre of electronic music isn’t easy, but that’s what Porter Robinson set out to do. His album Worlds his bold and a major step away from his previous works and with it he frees himself from the formulaic chains of modern electronic music. 2,757 more words

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#BlackLivesMatter: freddieross_

Just some thoughts, I would like some other opinions
Sorry for the mispunctuating
#fuckthesystem #blacklivesmatter #rebel

by freddieross_


Sometimes it's okay to be sad

My name is Maggie Davis and I am 16 years old. Most people I meet would describe me as happy, excited, and energetic. They say, “You’re great at cheering people up,” or, “You really make people want to get involved and do stuff, it’s good to have someone like that around.” While I don’t deny that this characteristic is a good one to have, just like everything else there are pros and cons to it. 1,407 more words

Just Some Thoughts

What Is This Blog About?

Does this blog have a single unifying theme? Potentially.

First, I truly mean for the title of this blog, Journeys of a Young Introvert, to be demonstrative of its unifying theme. 445 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Why I Write

I have a fear of writing.

All day, my mind is submerged in emotions, sensations, daydreams, and thoughts that I desperately want to translate into words. 534 more words

Just Some Thoughts

What kind of a Grandparent would you want to be?

You may or may not have the intention to have children, and who knows whether your children would have their own children someday. However, the fact that you are living right now means that you do have grandparents of your own. 657 more words