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it hurts me bad when you said

maybe it’s not even real

it’s okay

it’s not your fault

it’s just me

having scared you with those words… 25 more words

Just Some Thoughts

OPP: Other people's products

One of my favorite parts of writing crochet patterns is seeing other people’s final products. There is such validation in knowing that other crocheters are successful with the patterns; that the directions are clear and result in a final product they can enjoy! 183 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Colorful thoughts

Things I thought while coloring.

  • Darker colors cover lighter colors. But it also outlines the lighter ones and makes them so much brighter.
  • I have got to take my time.
  • 61 more words

Remembering Dave's Vision

Since November of 2016 and especially in the last few days. I have been having such misgivings about what is happening in Washington. Not that I have ever lived there, no, but since this last election, I have been totally drawn into the chaos that has become the mainstay of this administration.   240 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Tự cắt tóc

Tối qua tớ tự cắt tóc của mình.

Không có lý do gì cụ thể.

Tớ nghĩ mình sắp điên rồi.

Tớ muốn nổi loạn, tớ muốn làm những thứ tớ thích. 73 more words

Just Some Thoughts