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He Fights for You

“Mommy, will you check under my bed? And in my closet?” I loved this nightly ritual when my daughters went through a scared-of-the-dark stage. I stood tall with hands on hips and said in a stern voice,”Those monsters are scared of me. 359 more words

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The Safe Spot

Rainy spring day.  Energetic toddler.  Need to get out of the house.  What to do?  Indoor playground at the mall.

It sits at the edge of the food court. 237 more words

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Growing in Hard Places

I dedicate this blog post to women (and men) who are growing in hard places. I know some of you–battling cancer, healing from abuse, keeping families together, enduring pain–broken marriages, lost children, suffering bodies. 310 more words

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“Do you know what those are?” I asked my Indiana neighbor, leaning on her fence and pointing to the two-feet-tall, spike-leafed plants flanking her sidewalk. 390 more words

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Today is my 31st birthday. I am officially 31. It sounds like a strange age. It’s not the round number that 30 was. It’s like both feet are now firmly planted in my 30s and time is not slowing down! 377 more words

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In the dimming July twilight, I saw a mother duck waddle from the grassy medium onto the left shoulder ahead of us. Behind her shuffled six fuzzy, yellow little ducklings onto the shoulder. 296 more words

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Sydney is only a day away.

Somebody. Pinch me.

Tomorrow, I will be in Sydney. For a few nights. Child free. And while I’ve been very excited about it, and feeling a little guilty about not feeling guilty (haha), I think my nervous stomach (blergh) has betrayed me. 563 more words