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What took me so long?

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You, who are reading this, you probably haven’t noticed that I was missing almost a month now. I know you don’t care but I will tell you anyways (although, if you don’t want to know, why are you reading this anyway?). 421 more words


Just Some Crazy Thoughts

Hi guys. It’s 2am here in Singapore, but here I am, because my brain is driving me crazy. I’m hoping that writing might help me feel less crazy, which is why I’m typing out this post. 632 more words

Love Yourself

For the past two weeks...

For the past two weeks we watched along with the rest of the world, the BEST of the BEST, the world’s greatest athletes compete in Rio. 123 more words


Too Cool to be Kind or Too Kind to be Cool?

Here’s my question of the day.   When did kindness stop being cool?

I mean, I think it was back in the late 80’s but all the hairspray altered my memory a bit, so I could be wrong.  618 more words


A Photo TODAY!

Today is World Photo Day, marking the invention of photography. I LOVE taking photos as we travel, of my family, of food and cultural things, interesting and usual. 75 more words


Praying for Caterpillars

It began the day I was praying on the way to work.  “All I want for my children is to be happy,” this heartfelt prayer was escorted by tears that hindered my driving.  1,451 more words

Just Some Thoughts

The Lore of the Loonie

The Lore of the Loonie continues…

I just read something really cool!

Loonies have been stashed in the sand on the beach at the volleyball court, in the rowing waters at the Lagoa, and even under the 18th hole green at the Olympic golf course. 74 more words