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A bag of chocolate chips

It’s the end of a long week.  We’re all tired and meal planning failed this week so we went to Chick-Fil-A after school and work.  I sat nursing while our kids played.  194 more words

My goodness, I have been a busy bunny. My sister is getting married in two weeks, Omni Fandom Expo is in one (and I am not ready yet…), and GUESS WHAT?! 339 more words

Just Some Thoughts


We were all but crumbling bits of paint,

that we had smeared across our lives.

We smiled, we laughed.

We painted our ceilings into skies. 127 more words

Just Some Thoughts


À thì ra mình cũng đến tuổi rồi. Mệt mỏi, không có gì hết. Thấy sống khó quá, đây là lần thứ bao nhiêu mình nghĩ đến chuyện chấm dứt cho xong.

Just Some Thoughts
Всеки един от нас копнее да се свърже с друг човек. Независимо колко обичаш самотата, има моменти, в които изпитваш физическата нужда да докоснеш друго живо същество. Изпепелява те отвътре. Оставя белези по душата ти. Ако не го направиш част от теб ще си тръгне завинаги.  И това ще се случва докато не остане само кухата обвивка на тялото…


I’ve been spending Christmas break with the cutest little kids ever. It’s been about 5 days or so and only now I realize how the youngest, the three-year-old always has this one question. 614 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Reflections and Resolutions

Happy New Year!

For many 2017 was quite rough, from a controversial election, to terror attacks and mass shootings, to natural disasters, to Giancarlo Stanton signing with the Yankees. 1,465 more words

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