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新年快乐 🎉🎉🎉🎉🐒

It’s the YEAR of THE MONKEY!

As the sun rises…Today January 8th is the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year!

For many of China’s lunar holidays, people of northern China like to eat jiaozi (Chinese dumplings). 344 more words

Fun Things To Do

It's Super Bowl Time 🏈

It’s that time of year…Super Bowl Sunday!

The Denver Broncos meet The Carolina Panthers.

Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem!

Got my jersey on ( ok so sadly Cowboys aren’t playing, but it’s all I got lol) ✓ 52 more words


My HEART is in China today ❤

Some days I miss China more than others and today is one of them. So even though it is Super Bowl Sunday here in Canada and I am anticipating watching the game later (and will make some fun treats for that. 141 more words


If this is Winter...

I’ll take it!

February 5, 2016

February 5, 2015…not so nice

Have a good weekend! It’s the start of Spring Festival/Lunar New Year in China, Carnaval in Brazil and it’s Super Bowl Sunday! LOTS of fun!!!


Your Song, Your Dance

Did you ever go to a dance when you were in junior high?  You know…one of those awkward parties where the boys stood on one side of the room and the girls stood on the other whispering and giggling as they glanced over at one another. 686 more words


A drive on the beach...

There’s no question I LOVE the beach!

“This really is my favourite beach! We are so blessed to live this close to such a beautiful beach.” I said to my husband as we were driving, yes driving, on the beach yesterday. 211 more words

Fun Things To Do

No Shadow!!!

No Shadow!!! And what that means is…

It’s Groundhog Day and Shubencadie Sam, the local rodent Spring predictor, didn’t see his shadow this morning and go scurrying back in to his borrow. 8 more words