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ACROSS CANADA DAY: 16 July 25~ East Coast to West Coast

We are on the West Coast of our beautiful country! From Halifax to Victoria! We made it!!! Our country is truly amazing!!

We had fun exploring Victoria, BC’s beautiful capital city yesterday and today. 96 more words


ACROSS CANADA DAY: 15 July 24~ The Pacific Rim

Driving from Tofino to Victoria is like driving on the Cabot Trail and on the old road from Bridgewater to Peggy’s Cove…well kinda , ok not really but there are so many twists and turns and rug hugging narrow turns. 180 more words


ACROSS CANADA DAY: 14 July 23~ Surfer's Town Tofino, BC

Ever since James was here, I wanted to go! What an amazing place. Beaches and mountains, hiking, fishing, whale watching…you name it, Tofino’s got it! A few people mentioned why do you want to go to Tofino? 58 more words


ACROSS CANADA DAY: 13 July 22~ Nanaimo Bar in Nanaimo, BC

Today I had one thing on my mind, haha. Well no, a lot more than one BUT today I knew we would be going through Nanaimo, BC and for the longest time, I have had on my bucket list to eat a delicious Nanaimo square in Nanaimo, BC!!! 142 more words


ACROSS CANADA DAY: 12 July 21~ Sea to Sky in Squamish

Squamish is a community in BC, located at the north end of Howe Sound on the Sea to Sky Highway.  It had its beginning during the construction of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway in the 1910’s.  417 more words


I choose the rough road

M chọn con đường chông gai này vì khi sải chân trên nó, M được là mình.

Người ngoài cuộc chỉ nhìn thấy một đứa con gái làm việc từ 7 rưỡi sáng tới 11h tối, có khi 2h sáng ấy chứ. 230 more words

Just Some Thoughts

ACROSS CANADA DAY: 11 July 20~ Vancouver Day 2...CHOICES

1st thing…Sleep in!!! I’m tired. All this sightseeing is hard work lol. Haha after all we are staying a couple of nights in the Granville Street district, the entertainment district in the heart of downtown which means no one is really up to early. 324 more words