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1700 Years to Build. 5500 Miles Long. What Were They Trying to Keep Out?

It’s FINALLY in theatres here in Canada. It was released December 16 in China and I have been waiting patiently… 372 more words


It's In The Eyes

Some of the most beautiful
people I’ve ever met
typically don’t get a
first glance
much less a second one
Eye contact avoided
So easily cast aside… 21 more words


Another day...

Some things in life are tough! Like yesterday saying goodbye to my Uncle. It was  his funeral yesterday, postponed a few days because of all the snow we’ve been getting. 244 more words


National Flag Day

February 15th is National Flag Day!

Fly your Flag proudly as a reminder of our country’s history.

I am a proud Canadian and love to take my Canadian Flag wherever I go… like our last trip to China in December… 49 more words


LOVE day!

I hope you enjoyed a special day with your sweetie and those  you love!


CLOSED... till the SNOW is cleared!

Saw these pictures circulating on social media and I just had to share it!

EVERYTHING is CLOSED today! We are getting a walloping of a snowstorm. 11 more words