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So, What Comes Next?

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If I had a dollar for each time somebody asked me what I’m doing with my life now that Uni has finished, I’d have enough money to purchase a plane ticket to the States. 309 more words


After all, we are nothing more or less than we choose to reveal by Sylvia Plath

Less and less and less, for me, I guess.

Revealing is a choice. It is a conscious choice for me. It doesn’t just happen. The opportunity to speak and to reveal information (about myself, a project, my opinions, my knowledge of another’s opinion etc.) is very tangible to me. 199 more words


người mang tên Người yêu cũ

Người yêu cũ tự dưng gọi điện sau đằng đẵng 2 3 năm gì đón không liên lạc. Có chút buồn cười, .

Buổi ăn trưa lạ kỳ với : ex, người yêu cũ mới chia tay của ex và M

Just Some Thoughts


So there’s been a thought kind of pressing on my mind lately and I thought I’d share since that’s what blogs are for, right? Anyways, it’s about… 128 more words

Just Some Thoughts


The ground was cold and hard against my back; a spreading of numbness throughout my body.

The cool breeze against my exposed skin, dried my tears as it gently stroked my hair; for a second I feel at ease. 45 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Suffering Happiness in Silence

Anyone who follows my writing should know by now that depression has been a struggle of mine for almost 20 years. My issues stem from a horrendous self-image and a perpetual state of stress. 987 more words


"My Entire Life is Laid out down there"

The quote I used for the title of this article is from a novel I’m currently re-reading called “The Night We Said Yes” it’s by the author Lauren Gibaldi. 787 more words