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To Start, Take a Step

You know when you’re up at 2am watching Only Seen on TV infomercials and someone pitches the idea you’ve been telling all your buddies you were going to create, but never saw the creation through? 625 more words


Aspirations, Attempts & Actualities

None of us live up to all our spoken ideals.

We pretend we do to feel good about ourselves and gain the respect of our chosen groups. 326 more words

Better Life

It's going to suck

“It’s going to suck so be glad that no one will read it” was a statement I remember most from my call with Joshua Medcalf yesterday. 716 more words

Where to begin?

The problem I find with goal setting, is that the path toward a specfic goal somehow doesn’t turn out to be as smooth and as problem free, usually concluding in either ditching the goal entirely and moving on to my next, more exiting goal. 296 more words


This one's not for you...

In my first post in this blog I said about getting started. Even though that is most important, but I can’t avoid the fact that there will be hurdles.. 281 more words


Getting started

It’s More Important to Start, Than to Succeed.

Isn’t the willingness to start something new, even though unconventional, all that it takes to become stronger in life? 159 more words


NOT ready, get set, GROW!

It’s human nature to wait until everything is in place and life is perfect to–only then–get started.

But the magic happens when we are not ready. 74 more words