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From:Writer To:Speaker

Please don’t allow my silence to cause you to feel as if I can’t relate to you. I can and probably more than you will ever know. 121 more words

Just Writing

Mourning Crusade

Bruised and battered,
propped up against the Western Wall,
I curl into myself,
each breath a painful labour.

I wait for the hurt to subside. 107 more words

Just Writing


A grey lethargy crept up from behind,
and wrapped his clammy fingers
around my neck.
I only noticed when his grip began to tighten… 30 more words

Just Writing

Vulnerable Confession

I don’t want to live my life filled with “what if” moments. There have been so many in this short life of mine and today I have officially reached my limit. 192 more words


Mad Catter

The line between lucidity and lunacy is like a feral cat —
thin, grey and fuzzy.

One minute curled up in a comfy ball
purring louder than the daily Dubai jet. 52 more words

Just Writing

The Dilemma of a Bouncer

I’m in a spacious house that resembles our house in Tehran. I’m alone reading a novel by Iris Murdoch; which novel? I’m not sure. The protagonist’s name is Maryam and the setting is in Iran. 491 more words

Just Writing


That line —
in a jabby dialogue —
my destiny.


Think I should explain this little ditty.
Hands up, who has seen Back to the Future… 58 more words

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