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{Letters to My Daughter} {No. 2}

Sweet Girl,

You wrote me the most lovely letter. Thank you. Because I know you are dying to know — yes, it made me cry! Big. 458 more words

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The smile you hold hides the cracks you keep
You constantly try to seem happy to hide all of the cuts that went deep
Your laughter shines so much light that it tends to brighten the mood of others… 206 more words

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Upon Realising My Siblings Are All Married - Even Those Younger Than Me

Me: So… All your children are married and sorted out now – apart from me…

My Dad: Actually you’re the best one and the most sorted out. 25 more words

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Calcutta Led Me To Michelangelo

My character, Evangeline, is about to arrive in 1855 Calcutta. I want to be able to describe this part of the novel in a very special way. 654 more words

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Deity, A Very Small Collection of Poetry

Deity is a baby chapbook for the soul composed of 5 poems (below).

Written and organized by Bianca C. Salvant. Cover artist is Debra Cartwright… 1,064 more words

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So, the gods sent me a basket of fresh strawberries three months ago.

I was, of course, pleased.

And yet, I wasn’t cunning.

I hesitated – because I wasn’t certain how to eat those gorgeous strawberries… and at that time I was suffering from a mild case of paranoia… so I thought I might be poisoned by those blood-red strawberries… they were enormous, and looked perfectly delectable. 301 more words

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What Was Happening At My House On June 11, 1960

So, 55 years ago today, as if there wasn’t enough excitement already, I was riding my tricycle around in our house. The rooms made a loop from living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, bedroom and back to living room. 128 more words

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