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I sometimes wonder if I can sit back and watch the world burn
I listen as people speak about how the meek shall inhabit the earth, about how the weak and the strong will some day collide and how the weak will try to seek the shelter that we will not provide. 254 more words

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Family is like the flow of water. They have a constant flow….
They’re sometimes steady, peaceful and so beautiful to see….
Sometimes they make heavy currents. 182 more words

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GoogleMap Ghost

The walk down O’Shaughnessy through Glen Park was a long one.
The eucalyptus berries which were trampled underfoot released a pungent fragrance.
Even now the scent wafts back over 26 years and more than15 000 kilometres. 143 more words

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Autonomous Tongue

Looking back
hasty words
litter my path.

Friends bear scars
from stumbling
over thoughtless phrases.

Full of remorse,
I vow to walk in silence
but break word fast… 40 more words

Just Writing

Ode to a Charming Family Gathering

What if my nephew doesn’t feel like playing with your savage child? A ‘child’ who almost blinded one of our uncles, and instead of taking him to a doctor, you barbaric cunts, took him to a Mullah who’s ‘renowned for his miracles’. 187 more words

Just Writing

A New Series: #AShortShortPoem

Remember when I said that I enjoyed trying new things and challenging myself? Well, I’ve started a new series called #AShortShortPoem. It is, in all sense of the words, a short short poem with a very simple illustration accompanying it. 40 more words

Just Writing

Work in Progress

Aaaand this is how next Wednesday’s fashion illustration looks so far! I finished the lineart today and will start coloring tomorrow..
I’m really looking forward to see how the peacock feathers will look!

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