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If Only You Could Have Realized Sooner

I’m trying to get a hold of how I feel.
The confusion my mind gives,
the commotion my heart feels.
Keeping things hidden,
A secret I kept within. 33 more words


If There's a Chance That I'm Right, I'm Willing To be Wrong

I’m starting to feel,
that you and I are…
Puzzle pieces that hit the ground.
Fitting in place like harmonic sounds.
Maintaining each other’s psychotic ways. 13 more words


Day 18: Words To Myself; A year without drinking

I had a mindset of relying on someone to get me out of this addiction.
After doing this many days alone,
I’ve finally come to the realization that, 22 more words

Just Writing

A Life Summarized

I had a few minutes to scribble, and this is what I came up with.

I wish it could be longer, I wish I could write more eloquently, I wish my thoughts were easy to put into words. 834 more words

Best Of

Dreams Don't Die

These days are going by ever so slowly.
I got myself simply lying to myself.
Overthinking of the harsh truth.
Being the dreamer that I am, 11 more words


The Calming Balance

In a nation going collectively insane, building elaborations of the Neoclassical style are comforting. There is a beautiful balance, a stylish symmetry, and a sense of purpose to them. 166 more words

Just Writing

Everywhere I Go, You Seem To Be There

i want you to be the first person i tell my good news to.
i want to lean on you when i’m feeling helpless.
and i want to be the person you would do the same to.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2017

Just Writing