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No looking back

Scars can’t be erased

Questions still remain….
Trying to move

In quicksand

Head up

Seems like no end

I can’t swim… 59 more words



I see her,

The girl in the shadows.

eyes fixed.

target picked.

Weapon of choice,

her body.
I see her,

The girl in the shadows. 28 more words


The Vienna Union Hall

I had never heard of the Vienna Union Hall until Peter Miller died.  I don’t remember how I heard the news of Miller’s death either, although it was a regional news story when it happened. 484 more words

Just Writing

New Frontier

New Frontier

all of the memories keep rushing by
like the movies we watched on Tuesday nights
this is a new frontier
there are no maps for way out here… 577 more words


Once upon a time...

I promise you this moment, and not the next. Time is precious, the past has passed.

Let’s put it to rest.

I promise you this moment, and not the next. 81 more words


Art of Unrequited Love 

I’m nine hundred and fifty miles away.
Without any delay,
The thought of you has also traveled straight my way.
And they say,
Time helps the heart forget. 21 more words


With Love -Blue

When shadows fall and rain clouds clear
I Think Of You.
I stop and look around,
Hoping you are near
I Think Of You.
I just whant to hold you… 92 more words