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Disney World

I know I made a commitment to write everyday, but you guys my best friend came to visit and I utterly forgot about my computer and any form of social communication for the entire time she was here. 396 more words


Planner 2016

You’ll probably see more Red Cups of Starbucks on the street again. Why? Because it’s the month of the year again where Coffee Shops brings out all those card you need fill with stickers to get that coveted Planner 2016. 402 more words

Just Writing

I Missed You Yesterday, I Miss You Today

I don’t have anything left to say.
I’m starting to feel so dismayed.
I wish I could be some sort of clay,
Where anything and everything can mold me a different way. 32 more words


Love and Distance

Dad is in Italy for a conference. I am worried about Europe, but more than that, I’m worried about my Dad. I’ve always been worried about him. 373 more words

Just Writing

First, you save yourself

I let myself sleep in. For the first time in a long time. I usually like to seize the morning – even on weekends – when the LA world does not get a move on until 11 am. 775 more words

Life In Los Angeles

The Red Wool Package

This year I’m doing something fun. Something very fun and kind of scary and I’ve literally no idea how it’s going to turn out. All I know is that I’ve gotten this incredible idea and I have to act on it. 199 more words

Just Writing


I have this thing for knives that I cannot explain. I find them fascinating and I collect them. Kitchen knives mostly, but still knives, right? So far I have three cleavers, three traditional chef knives – one I don’t even use because it’s so uncomfortable for me, but it’s pretty; a slicer, a utility knife, a pairing knife, and a Vietnamese chef’s knife (my fave). 421 more words