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So, the purpose of this blog is so that in twenty years I won’t have forgotten my whole life, so I feel it is important to list some things that are important to me right now. 331 more words

Just Writing

A Whole New World

This might be a new blog URL, but my cheesy title references to disney movies will never, ever stop.

Welcome to the new site! Make yourself comfortable! 277 more words

Just Writing

And Yet I Am Not Asking for Help.

Now that I think of it, I have always been torn between Sabrina and Elain. They are almost the opposite of one another and both are trying their best to dominate me. 559 more words

Just Writing


Thoughts in my mind, steadily racing, chasing what more life has in store for me.
I’m constantly contemplating of ways to forget, legit, even tho I must admit that life has those better days, then the days I wish I didn’t have to get. 169 more words

Just Writing


I sometimes send drunken texts my ex, because I have yet to find someone that stole my heart the way she did
I constantly fight this thirst, this lust for trust, this drive to find love with no boundaries… 204 more words

Just Writing

Doctor Doctor

Doctor please, tell me what sedatives do I need, to get over wanting things I don’t have? I’m a failure, I’ll never succeed
Doctor doctor PLEASE, I’m down on my knees….beggin to understand these feelings I can’t run away from… 182 more words

Just Writing

Run Boy, Run 

The sound of wind constantly whistles in his ear.He constantly breathes heavily.

Tears sometimes seem to slowly seep from his eye.


A dreamer that constantly chases happiness. 153 more words

Just Writing