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Sometimes, it’s just plain and simple.

Othertimes, It’s just a stain at a triple.

When things go back and disrupt the flow

I can’t go back and reopen that door. 90 more words

Just Writing

Who Will Serve?


and so the day
and the week
and the month


But the end of term was
ME! and
ME! and… 42 more words

Just Writing

Going Nowhere

And I regret.
The way things have turned out.
And I never meant it to be this way.
It was never how I intended.
I didn’t want you to see me at my worst. 27 more words


Tuesday evening rant...

So, I apologize if what comes out is too “Eh…” I’m only human and humans can’t naturally say :) all the time, it’s impossible!

SO, this is my attempt to purge out of me the occasional negativity which plagues me during winter months. 209 more words


Truth be Told

Submerged in thought.
A moment of truth.
A sense of clarity.
And I’m back in reality.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2014


I Don't Need You

Everything was fine.
Until I decided to try and make you mine.
And now nothing is ever what they were.
But that’s good and bad. 26 more words



It has all been said and done. The laughs, the frustration, the memories. Now we sit in the tiny little couches and chairs in the lobby room of the quiet dormitory, only us and a few other friends. 76 more words

Just Writing