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Mindful Money

With an increase in finances as of late, I find that I’ve gotten incredibly cheap frugal – I can’t find a good reason to purchase certain things. 165 more words


If There's a Chance That I'm Right, I'm Willing To be Wrong

I'm starting to feel,
that you and I are…
Puzzle pieces that hit the ground.
Fitting in place like harmonic sounds.
Maintaining each other's psychotic ways. 14 more words


Thoughts ....

Life is so unpredictable .. first your on top of the the world then the next minute your at the bottom , now you can decide to stay at the bottom or you can choose to climb back up stop letting life …people get in your way . 81 more words


and you were right,
you don't need to prove anything.
and for me.
i don't need to keep trying.

© Duc Nguyen WordsOnEmptyEars, 2017


I’m in Miami, Babe [sic]

I’m still in the learning process with this WordPress Blog and finally figured out how to turn the „like“ button for each post back on. Yeih!   689 more words

Just Writing


I had a conversation with an old friend. The more we spoke the weirder it felt as we realized how close we once were. She once knew everything there is to know about me, I was an open book with her, I shared all of me never doubting or second guessing myself. 684 more words