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Lest They Forget

We’ve been




On the ground,

Writhing in our blood,

Hardly breathing

For our sunlit morning has turned into sunless mourning


We’re still… 79 more words

Just Writing

The year of change

It’s amazing how a decision taken for you can make you realise what you really wanted. Standing on the train platform on an April evening, having walked out of the office early because the news I’d just heard had made me want to sob, I had to acknowledge that yes, I had wanted to be made redundant. 156 more words

Just Writing

Negative Turns Out Positive

I’m starting lose my charm.
I wasn’t aware that I was saying any harm.
I’ve retraced every step, every word, and
I can’t seem to pinpoint where I was truly wrong. 59 more words


Second of Clarity, Lifetime of Reality

She shows me all of these songs.
I like every single thing about them.
The melody and the lyrics say everything about me.
And I’m wondering how these sad words always get to me. 43 more words


Based on the Movie Comet 2014

What is real?
And what is fake?
You’ve taken me back and forth in my mind’s endless space.
My heart’s beating and racing,
as I watch you walk away. 52 more words


Spring Cleaning!

The dreaded Spring cleaning is upon us all!

It’s defiantly a love, hate relationship. Although I am super excited about warm weather coming our way, there’s nothing fun about cleaning up all of the winter gunk and dust that has infested your home. 485 more words

Just Writing :)

April 21, 2016

Even if we don’t see eye to eye,
we have to try to at least understand each other.
And respect each other.
We may get frustrated along the way, 12 more words