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Libel or alert ?

I have received in my mailbox the message below. The CEO of a French public

hospital would sue one of his Doctor for libel against his institution. 236 more words

Justice And Lawsuits


The French regulator ANSM is sued by a patient for not having withdrawn the Mediator from the market in the same timeline as the other developed countries. 58 more words

Justice And Lawsuits

French drugmaker on trial

Until now the pharmaceutical enterprises in France were spared by lawyers and plaintiffs.

On its side the French State, instead of launching lawsuits as many States of North America did, preferred on one hand to raise public taxes based on the pharmaceutical industry’s revenues and on the other hand to regulate heavily the prices of the drugs approved for the French market. 197 more words


The runaway jury by John Grisham

How the tobacco companies handle the lawsuits they are charged with.

If you want to discover how the tobacco companies (and not the weapon manufacturers like in the movie) handle the lawsuits they are charged with in the USA read the tremendous awesome paperback book entitled The runaway jury written by John Grisham. 246 more words

Prevention And Well Being

The hospital CEO was an infiltrated FBI agent

In the suburbs of Chicago, the gangsters are chased by a 61 year old woman, CEO of the Edward Hospital.

Congrats to the courageous CEO of… 332 more words

Justice And Lawsuits