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Earth Crisis - Part 6

Several heroes met at the Justice League Watchtower to discuss the ongoing Earth Crisis and the hope of stopping the war between Lex Luthor and those from beneath the Earth who had been attacking him. 2,697 more words

Earth Crisis - Part 5

After first meeting at the Justice League Watchtower and discussing the ongoing situation around the current Earth Crisis, three heroes infiltrated LexCorp’s top secret–and real–telluric current facility. 1,135 more words

Earth Crisis - Part 4

Several heroes gathered at the Justice League Watchtower in civilian garb with the purpose of infiltrating a LexCorp press tour of the company’s new Telluric Current Research facility. 2,207 more words

Earth Crisis - Part 3

Black Canary called a group of heroes together at the Justice League Watchtower again to get a report on the meeting between Troia, Mary Marvel, and Batgirl with the earth goddess Isis and to discuss how to move forward in the ongoing Earth crisis. 1,620 more words

Justice League #1 (DC)

Rating: 3.5/5 – Tony Daniel’s Art has Never Looked Better!
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

I was really enjoying Bryan Hitch’s run on JLA before it was unfortunately cancelled (possibly resolicited) due to the then upcoming Rebirth of the DCU. 434 more words



Today, I have the honor of turning the blog over to my preteen son, Connor, who has kindly written up a review of a graphic novel he just finished.   581 more words

3 Stars