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Soul Rape (as posted on Secret First Draft)

Recently I was afforded the incredible honor of being asked to join Secret First Draft. Today they published this piece:

naked and shackled

she is penned to the page… 152 more words

A call for greater limits on governmental surveillance of the population

It feels like I cannot turn around without reading more news concerning surveillance of citizens by their own (or other) governments in various forms. This especially where computers are concerned, e.g. 1,610 more words

Prison Book Club: Attempted Dehumanization

Reading Harry Potter in Maximum Security: Week 7

Jim, Lee, Josiah, Tyler, Noah, Anthony come into the room and sit with my friend Carp and I in a circle around a table. 3,144 more words

Midwest: Kansas City, MO

National/Guerrero: Attacks and Murders of Journalists and Human Rights Defenders Continue

Photo @ InfoLibre

In the month of May, just as in April, several journalists and human rights defenders were victims of attacks and murders for their activities. 349 more words

Human Rights

Perspectives: The New Yorker — What Kind Of Loyalty Does A President Need?

U.S. Presidents throughout history have long defined loyalty differently. Lyndon B. Johnson’s definition was extreme; Trump’s definition has so far proved disastrous. Our experience with Trump’s actions and behaviors are enough evidence for us to say he doesn’t possess any of characteristic qualities that loyalty requires in order to receive it. 14 more words

The men investigating Trump

Mueller burned through chiefs of staff almost every year. “He drives at such speed that he can burn up people around him,” Comey told me of Mueller.

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My Call to Action

It has been almost 2 weeks since we took our son to self-surrender for his probation violation at Yavapai County Jail, in Camp Verde and almost a week since his court hearing. 1,674 more words