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The Assassination of Walter Scott

In April of 2015, a white cop assassinated a unarmed black man.

Period. End of Story.

There isn’t any more discussion needed. Any facts you want to hash out, like the fact that Walter Scott was running away, are superfluous. 367 more words


National: Article 19 Report "From the Digital to the Tangible"

At the end of November, the organization for freedom of expression, Article 19, presented its “Third Quarterly Report: From the Digital to the Tangible”, in which it documented that 70% of attacks against the press are committed by the authorities and that only three out of 88 attacks registered against media or journalists are investigated by the Attorney General’s Office during that period. 248 more words

Human Rights

The Justice System we Face with Rape and Sexual Assault by Alex Guthrie

I came home at ten o’clock on a random Saturday night only to get a phone call from my toughest friend. She was in tears saying she needed to see me. 2,174 more words


Why Women Don’t Leave

Republished with permission from Hope for Sanity Blog

If I knew  what leaving meant, I probably would have stayed.

I was naive, and I’m glad. I’m glad that I left and that I’ve been forced to fight, but nobody should have to fight this hard to be believed. 930 more words

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Keep your pecker in pants or hold a penny between your knees... After that it's a God thing!!

Once you make the decision to have sex and make a baby you decide who your babies momma or daddy is then!  You don’t have any right to take away the decision God ordained!   34 more words

Child Abuse

To reduce prison population, invest in public mental health, new study says

To reduce prison population, invest in public mental health, new study says

by Andrea Germanos

A new study points to a key way to reduce the prison population in the incarceration capital of the world: boost spending on public mental health.


Editorial: As Jordan applications mount, so does pressure to fix court delays

The Supreme Court of Canada has given new weight to the maxim “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Last July, the high court set out new deadlines for criminal cases to go to trial: 30 months in Superior Court and 18 months in provincial court. 707 more words