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Allan Richarz: A more diverse bench isn't the answer

A recent report by Policy Options magazine reveals that indigenous and minority representation on Canada’s judiciary registers in the low single digits. This has led to the predictable hue and cry over a “judiciary of whiteness” from assorted legal analysts cum race-baiters. 694 more words

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A Traffic Offence or Travesty of Justice?

Not so long ago, while going home after work, I ran afoul a Khaki clad Police. For the avoidance of doubt, I did not run afoul the law. 729 more words


Lauren Heuser: The problem with a firm ceiling on trial times

For many, the period between being charged with an offence and tried for it is akin to being stuck in purgatory. Assuming you maintain your job, your ability to advance within it would vanish. 800 more words

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Dollars and Sense Owner Says He's Victim Of Embezzler, Justice System

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You’ve likely seen the coupon magazine Dollars and Sense in the mail before, but you won’t read about this next story when you take a look inside. 496 more words


Guerrero/National: Family of Julio Cesar Mondragon Fontes Demands Comprehensive Investigation

Commemoration area in the Normal Rural School, Ayotzinapa. Photo:@SIPAZ

Following the results of recent studies carried out on the student teacher from Ayotzinapa, Julio Cesar Mondragon Fontes, the family believes that they are at the beginning of a way to achieve truth and justice almost 22 months after the events of September 26 and 27, 2014, in Iguala, Guerrero. 411 more words

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Oaxaca: Human Rights Organizations Present Report on Repression in Nochixtlan

Human Rights Defenders. Photo:@CentroProDH

On July 8, various civil society organizations, including the Gobixha Committee for Integral Defense of Human Rights (CODE DH) and Fundar, presented the “Preliminary Report on Violations of Human Rights on June 19 in Oaxaca”. 369 more words

Human Rights

I'm Free!

Today, I was called to my county’s courthouse to be part of a selection of people to serve as grand jurors. After a long morning of monotonous waiting and uncomfortably sitting on wood, I’m happy to report… 147 more words