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Boy A by Jonathan Trigell

Harrowing. Heartbreaking. Fabulously discussion-worthy. All these are apt ways to describe Jonathan Trigell’s lightning bolt to the nervous system, ‘Boy A.’ It would be pretty accurate to say I loved this book, and even when I hated it, I loved it, because I realized when it was making me edgy and mad it was actually making me think. 478 more words

Crime and Punishment

The standard reaction by states and governments to violations of their law has always been, to fine, imprison or inflict physical harm (Fatal or otherwise) and while most are satisfied that criminal actions are punished, not everyone seems to question the consequence of systematically denying citizens their rights, and actively harming their ability to live productively afterwards. 485 more words

Today on Acro: Encounters with True Crime

I wrote a piece on many many encounters with true crime; tv show, podcast, real life experience. If that’s your thing, check it out here… 126 more words


The Legal System and PTSD

I believe a warrior should be able to opt for the type of trial and sentencing he or she gets when facing criminal charges. I would choose a trial alone in front of a judge. 357 more words

A Light On PTSD