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How Conservative Values Unintentionally Undermined the Family

My wife and I did not have insurance when all three of our children were born. Technically, we did when our third was born, but the preexisting condition of pregnancy was not covered. 566 more words

"AllLivesMatter" = White Supremacy

Really good article from over at “The Root”. I agree with most, if not all of what the author is saying. AllLivesMatter is nothing more than a diversion, and a denial of the basic human right of black folks to seek redress for a system of racial privilege which catastrophically affects their lives. 901 more words


Trust The Truth

“The Rock! His work is perfect,
For all His ways are just;
A God of faithfulness and without injustice,
Righteous and upright is He.

— Deuteronomy 32:4… 33 more words

Daily Devotionals

Death Parade: Moral Ambiguity and the Judgment Analogy

Given the multifarious excellent reviews on Death Parade and me being late to the reviewing season, I have decided that I will not add another generic-sounding review of Death Parade (though no doubt in good praise) to the aniblogging mix. 1,681 more words



The race for New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation presidential primary, currently set for February 9, has barely entered its pregame activities and already our phone’s ringing. Not just the candidates, either, but the surveys, especially – rarely does a day go by without at least one. 231 more words


Citizen Four Elevator Pitch

Think – Jesus Christ V The Roman Empire
Set today, in modern times
Except now, Jesus has mad hacker skills
and taps directly into Pontius Pilate’s… 43 more words


Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

This book is for anyone looking for inspiration to renew their vocational vision. The author of the book, Bryan Stephenson, is a lawyer and founder of Equal Justice Project. 749 more words