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Were police violence prosecutions of Freddie Gray cops political?

That’s the question raised by Danny Cevallos, a criminal defense attorney who is a contributing CNN analyst.

Link: http://www.kitv.com/story/32558340/was-the-freddie-gray-case-a-political-prosecution

The simple answer is: No.

The prosecutions were justified. 628 more words


Undoing privilege: taking peace seriously means admitting that we benefit from violence

It is easy to believe that because we have not had a hand in directly contributing to the abuse of other people that the violence of the world is not part of who we are. 1,706 more words

Pastors In Exile

Trump or Clinton?

As I read my friends’ posts on Facebook yesterday I knew I had the subject of my blog. Year after year and election after election we hope for what only God can give. 558 more words

Service or Social Justice?

There is nothing quite as inspiring as morning coffee, toast with honey and peanut butter, and conversation with a good friend. This past week, all of this fell into place during a trip to Chicago. 457 more words

Fashion Is Not Truth

“Andrew is the one who taught me that what I believe is not what I say I believe; what I believe is what I do. . 76 more words

The myth of black-on-black crime: Blame falls at the feet of white supremacy's treatment, manipulation, and conditioning of my hue 

Black-on-black crime exist, but do not blame the parties involved. It’s multifaceted issues that are deeply complex and it dates back over 400 years. Follow me… 757 more words


Anguish Time

In the Church of Saint Francis — Igreja de São Franciscoin Porto, Portugal, believers once dropped coins into alms boxes, whispered prayers, and hoped that someone was listening. 664 more words

Death And Dying