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Small reforms that miss the big picture

In a blog post, Diane Ravitch relayed an image of German classroom disciplinary “rules” around the year 1908. This list clearly falls under the category of “no excuses” discipline, which includes instructions on how exactly to sit, how to track your eyes, and how to properly ask a question. 294 more words


weightless in Seattle

It’s time to let all offense go
you seem to hug it so
a shirt of needles
a hat of shit
don’t you ever
get sick of it… 131 more words


Missed lessons from work-related traffic incidents

In early 2014 a truck driver drove his vehicle into an intersection, collided with a car resulting in the death of four out of five members of one family. 1,352 more words


Penned from Prison

“The ultimate goal of prison is to create an atmosphere that makes it conducive to coming back.” David McCallum, an innocent man who spent 30 years in prison, befriended filmmaker Ray Klonsky through a series of letters. 16 more words

Personal Musings

Can I Haz Lawsuit Plz?

From Dispatches from the Culture War:

Apparently pulling a page from Donald Trump’s playbook, Saudi Arabia is now threatening to sue anyone who compares their “justice” system to the extreme form of Sharia law practiced by ISIS in the territory they control.

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My Mind is Telling Me No; On Rapist Kelly and My Inconsistent Feminism

To be a woman who loves hip hop at times is to be in love with your abuser. Because the music was and is that. And yet the culture is ours.

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Culture And Society

School is Now in Session

Greetings, students.  Please find your seat.  I’m not going to call roll today, but I will insist on enforcing our usual “no cross talk” policy.  Today’s lesson will be quick and hopefully, easy to understand.  1,720 more words