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Education; our weapon of mass destruction.

This post has been inspired by my reading of Henry Giroux’s new book, America’s Addiction to Terrorism. 

In this enthralling read, Giroux asks the important question; what is terrorism? 1,573 more words


Bangladesh Justice must be seen to be done

Bangladesh is going through a precarious phase of its volatile history at this moment, with millions of scores to settle in the wake of the nation’s violent legacy. 658 more words

Stop Islamic Fundamentalist And Stop Islamic Radicalisation

Unsolved Mystery : Craigory Burch Jr.


I read a very sad post and had to share it.

God loves us too much for us to perform unnecessary acts in hopes of gaining, meaningless worldly possessions. 363 more words


Jenny Jones, the MPS, and the search for better records management

On 8 January, the Guardian reported a claim by a police whistle blower that the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) had shredded documents illegally.[1] The documents were reports on Jenny Jones who is a Green life peer which were held by the domestic surveillance team. 1,083 more words


TiSA could be a trade deal that wrecks local economies

governments may not be able to regulate staff to patient ratios in hospitals, or ban fracking, or tighten safety ntrols on airlines, or refuse accreditation to schools and universities.

31 more words
Sustainable Living

COTD 06.02.16:Which way to go...

Which way to go…

Today’s COTD is XI Justice

Looks like you may have a decision to make today.  Hopefully, it’s only as important as choosing which dress to wear; the white one or the blue one! 73 more words


What is Invest4Justice ? - Litigation Funding

Have you ever been the witness of an injustice ? Have you ever felt like a situation wasn’t fair, and told yourself that something should be done ? 22 more words