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Two-Hour 'Justice League' Runtime May Be Good News

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Warner Bros.

Yes, Justice League is going to be around two hours long. The official word is that next month’s superhero sequel will run “just” 121 minutes, meaning it will have around 115 minutes of actual movie prior to several minutes of end credits. 1,337 more words

Money Matters

Let us be simply human

Of skin
Of hair
The colors differentiate
Of birth
Of language
The origin to negotiate
Of creed
Of religion
Which god to advocate?
Of gender… 136 more words


I Was a [Black] Girl in a Crowd of White Girls in the Park

For the past decade, my default genre of music has been what my friend’s ex-boyfriend has labeled Sad Man with a Guitar Music.  At about 14, my first concert was… 2,468 more words


Worth the Wait

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Please use your favorite Bible to read Isaiah 30:18-26.  In a momentary departure from the usual, I’ve used the NRSV to prepare my remarks. 1,512 more words


After U.N. troubles, Haiti wary of new justice mission

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) – A new United Nations-backed mission to support Haiti’s justice system has had a mixed reaction from local politicians and civil society groups after long-standing criticism of its predecessor.

BOO! or Boo-hoo?

It’s that scary time of year. Last year at this time, I was hopeful. Hopeful that we might have a President who wouldn’t be a Russian Puppet. 71 more words


The Limits of Tolerance

Tolerance has become a quite divisive political word in India these days. After every lynching, mob-violence and murder, we are asked by our supposed thought-leaders to be tolerant of others. 538 more words