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How Will You Choose to Deal with Opposing Views?

This past week has been interesting to say the least. Emotions continue to be high as one president exits and another one enters. I found myself having to unfriend someone I have known since I was an undergraduate in college because of the personal attacks he made against others whom I am friends with during a conversation on Facebook. 376 more words


Peace #3—Meek Peace

Refrain from anger; abandon rage! Do not fret for this only leads to trouble! … The meek who rely on Yahweh are the ones who will possess the land and enjoy abundant peace. 236 more words


If We Burn (recording)

I’m experimenting a bit with recording, and thought I’d post a result. The poem, “If We Burn,” first appeared on the blog in December 2014… 32 more words


March On, Women

We made history!  I was in awe in Washington, D.C., yesterday of the solidarity, energy, kindness, hopefulness and determination of my fellow marchers. I couldn’t get close enough to the stages to hear the speakers, but I was in the crowds on Independence Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and the mall singing and chanting verses of empowerment and hopefulness for women, for immigrants, for those who love our planet, for those who honor facts, for those who think that the voices of the majority should be honored in Washington, D.C., for those who think that civil rights, democracy, our environment and education matter more than egos, fortunes, and tweets.  227 more words


Women's March: A lesson in egalitarianism

It has been 2 days since Pre… President Trump has been inaugurated and I am still at a loss for words…

Lies upon lies, hate upon hate, distraction upon distraction… 410 more words


23 January: Crossing Barriers, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Canterbury.

West Gate  Monday 23rd January, 7.30‐8.15pm

New Life Church Hub, Roper Close, CT1 2EP

Law and local government, Justice

Just beside the West Gate Towers stands the Guildhall, the place from which the city has been governed for centuries. 49 more words

Daily Reflections

Dear Mr. Trump...

Not Mr. President, not to me anyways.

So much has changed in just this past week and so much negativity and despair has come as well. 470 more words