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Parental Abduction - A Crime in 50 States

To whomever is concealing Shelby or knows of Shelby’s whereabouts, please see below. You are breaking the law and I will do all it takes to bring justice to this issue for both Shelby and Dana. 135 more words


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Part 1 of the 2013 PBS Documentary. Narrated by Liev Schreiber »

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The battle to save public education must not blind us to the other battles that exist in our schools

In many ways, schools are different everywhere. It depends on which nation, state, city, district, school, and classroom we’re talking about. But in certain ways, there are similarities throughout our entire system. 539 more words


A Fragmented Country

The other day I had attended the screening of a film entitled ‘Prosecutor’. It was about Luis Moreno Ocambo, the eponymous prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, detailing his work with regards to African countries. 980 more words


Balancing the Scales part 1

I am resting on the belief that God is faithful and determined to bring about all His promises with respect to the Spirit’s request, pressed on my heart, to leave to Him vengeance. 379 more words


"Laverne Cox: Ain't I A Woman" - My Reflection on Privilege, Intersectionality, and Creating A Better World

On Tuesday, I went downtown to the beautiful Elgin Theatre to hear Laverne Cox speak. I was first introduced to Cox when I started watching… 1,191 more words