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Abuse Of Force



Perhaps there was a rampaging mob off-camera and in fear of their lives, the police — being only human — turned to defend themselves. 70 more words

A visit to prison in Siem Reap, Cambodia

From the outside the pprison actually looked festive and friendly. The sign on the gate said “welcome!”

On the inside of the gate it bids farewell with the words: “have a good life.” For me it was a happy/sad visit. 842 more words

About Our Project

WSJ: Why a Business-Tax Overhaul Is So Tricky (Really?)


The Wall Street Journal story referenced above is very interesting, not so much for what it says, as for what it does not say. 447 more words


A New Take on a Slightly Obscure Hymn

I love going through hymnals and remembering the times I have sung various hymns throughout my time as a Christian. I have a copy of the Trinity Hymnal that I am certain my Dad “borrowed” from our church. 476 more words


What would it take...?

… to not Believe anymore?

“Conclusive proof that Jesus did not rise from the dead”

-Nameless Apologist

Spoken by an Apologist and minister of Christ who offered no ‘conclusive proof’ that Jesus actually DID rise from the dead historically, of what it would take for him to NOT believe that He did…

33 more words

The ultimate work of art

(This is a draft of a poem, the original text generated Jan. 27)

The obliteration of cowards

Neuroengineering your brain …
entrained doorcult sounds in the hallway… 720 more words