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Faith Alone: A 'Sola' of the Reformation

EVENING WORSHIP at NCPC-Selma, audio of the evening sermon (exposition/lecture), “An Evening Series on the Reformation: Sola Fide” October 15, 2017

Texts that inform the topic of Scripture: Psalm 130 & Romans 3:21-31


Justification by Faith Alone

This blog is a brand new project. It is in its baby stages with the goal of bringing people who follow Christ into a deeper understanding of who He is, what He has done, and how He interacts with His people, the Church. 1,746 more words


Pilgrim Talk Podcast: Justification and Good Works

Some guests this time!  And we discuss the role of works in our justification and our salvation as a whole.



The Glorious and Blessed Hope

Is biblical ‘hope’ just wishful thinking or is it something more?  Can we wishfully think of eternal life or can we hope in assured expectation of attaining eternal life?  1,158 more words


Christ's Work Alone

On what date did you make yourself come from spiritual death to life?  How did you give birth to your own spirit?  What steps and procedure did you do and work hard at to save yourself from death?  416 more words


God's Glory Alone

God is the almighty sovereign and eternal God and creator of all things.  He is perfect is his goodness and righteousness, justice and mercy.  Man, is not.  412 more words


Why The Bible Is Divine: Christology

The bible is not just a historical record of Israeli culture but also records of a supernatural element that illuminates hearts and minds to a greater plan for all history; where the center point of human history is not a civilization or culture, but a person.  3,975 more words

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