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Sola Fide: Do Paul and James Contradict?

Thomas Manton
Commentary on James 2:24
Works, vol. 4, pp. 260-265.

You see then how by works a man is justified, and not by faith only… 2,695 more words


Romans 10-11

Introduction: Chapters 10-11 continue to take the reader deep into a discussion of how the sovereignty of God relates to the Jewish rejection of Jesus and Gentile inclusion in the church. 678 more words


Rawls and subject 41

  • On what grounds does Rawls deem public justification a justification in the same vein as the others if it calls on no new arguments or reasons?
  • 761 more words

Rawls and subject 40

  • Public justification, stability for the right reasons and reasonable citizen

The articulation between pro tanto justification and full justification will take the form of public justification, the third and last phase of justification, described by Rawls as follows: 651 more words


He Would Excommunicate Such Ministers

Ralph Erskine, Sermons 2:325:

“The Baxterian scheme is also opposite to this gospel-doctrine: they tell us, that God hath made a new law with mankind; and obedience to that new law and to its commands, is our righteousness; and this obedience gives us a title to heaven, and gives us a title to Christ’s blood, and to pardon: And the act of faith is our righteousness, not as it accepts of Christ’s righteousness, but as it is an obedience to that new law; the very act and work of faith is, according to them, the righteousness itself: And this faith takes in all kind of works, namely, repentance, love, obedience, and ten or twelve duties of that sort; and all these together are our righteousness for justification. 28 more words


Good News

People who are not familiar with the Bible tend to look at it as a book full of rules and statements that Christians accept as true. 431 more words


Killing in the Name of God, and Satan

Let us begin this brief discussion with a fact: Members of different religious sects have killed each other in the past using the justification of moral or religious superiority. 475 more words