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Les incompétents manquent des compétences nécessaires pour se rendre compte de leur incompétence

C’est le bon moment de parler de stupidité.

L’effet Dunning-Kruger est un biais cognitif expliquant que les gens incompétents manquent précisément des compétences nécessaires pour se rendre compte de leur incompétence. 124 more words


The incompetent and unskilled are often unaware of their multiple handicaps.

Dunning-Kruger effect

The Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when incompetent people not only fail to realise their incompetence, but consider themselves much more competent than everyone else. Basically, they’re too stupid to know that they’re stupid.

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More "expert" research clap trap...

Scientists Say America Is Too Dumb For Democracy To Thrive


Where to begin to shoot holes in this piece of trash?

First of all, we are not given an insight in how the research was done. 478 more words

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Shkencetaret thone qe Amerika shume e pa afte qe demokracia te lulezoje!

SHBA ndoshta eshte republike, por demokracia e saj eshte ajo qe Amerikanet deshirojne. Pas te gjithash ata shkuan ne Irak eshte kjo e vertete? To rrezoje nje diktator dhe te sjelle demokraci. 502 more words


Dunning–Kruger effect

“Incompetent individuals, compared with their more competent peers, will dramatically overestimate their ability and performance relative to objective criteria” –  David Dunning and Justin Kruger  66 more words

Unskilled and Unaware: Boy have I been there

How do you know what you don’t know?
You know?

An old joke but a fundamental problem for most franchise investors.

Franchising is a thousand times more complex that I ever  imagined. 305 more words