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Kim Taylor's Brother Justin Taylor, Speaks

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — JUSTIN TAYLOR speaks what he knows and it ain’t pretty!

“My sister is a whole p*ssy… Not just piece of one… Running from a perfume saleswoman… Thank god QEH does not issue guns to doctors or she wudda kill a woman (outside of the hospital) for trying to say hi… …

99 more words


God Is Sovereign Over . . .

Seemingly random things:

The lot is cast into the lap,
but its every decision is from the LORD. 658 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

The True Story of Pain and Hope Behind “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”

This was posted on The Gospel Coalition’s website on December 21, 2014. This has long been a favorite of mine, as long as we sing the song to its ending: to its final resolution. 885 more words


Book Review: The Apocalypse Reader

Being bogged down with a final semester means it’s time to just gank something from my bookshelf and reminisce instead of finding something new, and I’ve found something from way back in the black-and-white rabbit-ear-antenna days of 2007! 467 more words


Goodbye, Long Nights of Lesson Planning: The Secrets to Successful Virtual Co-Teaching | Justin Taylor

Co-teaching can be an incredible asset for schools with few resources or staff. But what do you do if your co-teacher lives in another state? 68 more words


I can’t believe that it will be October tomorrow.
Seriously…. where did September go?

On the up side…. only 77 days till Rogue One!
But that means only 85 days until Xmas! 331 more words

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