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Book Review: 'Overcoming Sin And Temptation' by John Owen, Edited by Kelly M. Kapic and Justin Taylor

I was excited to read this book. Prior to reading this book, I had heard and read much of John Owen but had relatively no experience as to his writings. 649 more words

Book Review

Facebook Self Censored; Former Lesbian on Olympian Jenner; Tony Campolo; The Church in Exile;

Weekend Links

An excerpt from a previous post earlier this year to introduce the weekend links.

All loves, all joys, all pleasures are given as momentary gifts to lead us to long for greater love, fuller joys, unending pleasures, all of which can only be satisfied in God himself. 362 more words

Weekend Links


Written by Tealeaves, and originally posted on tealeaves.com.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your dad for who he is. The key is finding the perfect gift; one that fuels his creativity, aligns with his deepest passions and keeps him healthy for years to come. 499 more words

The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver

Thoughts on the short story "So you're just what, gone?" by Justin Taylor

This week on my Twitter feed I read the story ‘So you’re just what, gone?’ by Justin Taylor. You can read the story here. Now I will be honest, on the first two reads I did not get the story. 699 more words

Short Story

May 8, 2015 Resources: Genesis and Creation

Evangelicals frequently tangle over the literal nature of Genesis 1-2. A recent dust up once again exemplifies some of the whos, whats, and whys of this long-standing debate. 130 more words


The Darkness we Need

It’s almost time for bed, so I guess I’ll just check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and one full season of a TV show on Netflix real quick.  958 more words


Biblical Dating (part 2), Ancient Wisdom, And Book Of The Week

Biblical Dating part 2.

Jon English Lee takes a look at pastoral wisdom from the early church fathers.

The book of the week is… 26 more words