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How accurate are fitness wearables?

(Spoiler Alert: not very.)

Fitness wearables are a convenient way to track metrics such as calories burned, steps walked, quality of sleep, heart rate and workout intensity. 550 more words


The truth about vitamins is a hard pill to swallow

Picture this: You walk into your local Target for paper towels and some dish soap, and as you’re walking through the aisles, you remember that article you read about how Vitamin C can help prevent illness. 578 more words


How much protein is REALLY enough to gain muscle?

During my four years as a personal trainer, I’ve been asked hundreds of questions, ranging from the existential to the scientific. But one sticks out as the most prevalent: “do I need more protein to gain muscle?” 407 more words


Flings - Stories by Justin Taylor

I’m picky when it comes to short stories. I like them developed, and I like them poignant, and I like them subtle. Justin Taylor’s weren’t my cup of tea. 480 more words

Book Review

Justin Taylor's Doubts About 24-Hour Days of Creation - In Retrospect

A couple of weeks ago Justin Taylor posted an article entitled “Biblical Reasons to Doubt the Creation Days Were 24-Hour Periods”. Since that time, many have posted articles refuting Justin’s arguments. 1,417 more words


The Incorrigible David Berlinski

O.k., four caveats lest I get pegged as “anti-scientific” for this post: (1) I love science and read as much of it as I can; (2) I took top science honors in my high school class of 665 students; (3) I was an engineering major in college before answering the call to pastoral ministry, so I do know some math, chemistry, and physics; and (4) I cringe when lovers of the Bible misread it (or over read it), as they clearly did in… 148 more words

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