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A different account of the beginnings of the pro-life movement

Justin Taylor recently posted some excerpts from Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-Life Movement Roe v. Wade by Daniel K. Williams, who is trying to challenge the usual interpretations of the pro-life movement as a reaction to Roe: 292 more words

American Political Culture

The City of the Church

“ critics argued that Rome fell after it embraced Christianity and lost the protection of the gods. Augustine argued that the pagan critics were defining goodness on the basis of the satisfaction of their own desires, rather than the true definition which sees that the ultimate good is found in God alone.” … 474 more words

So That The World May Believe

Remember When Being Nice Would Win the Day?

How a little reminder of 1929 clears the cobwebs.

Once upon a time, the Gospel Allies scored points against Reformed confessionalists by claiming the high ground of nice. 1,052 more words


Perspective on Tim's Toxic Teaching

W-w will not help you sort this out. Carol Howard Merritt cannot tell the difference between Tim Keller and Tim Bayly:

I know that people are angry that Tim Keller doesn’t believe in women in the pastorate.

363 more words

A sketch of the history of American fundamentalism

Last June, Justin Taylor posted a 1994 article by John Fea that gives an historical overview of American fundamentalism. I finally read it and it was quite good. 155 more words

21st Century

Why I would like to see a moratorium on using the word “literal” when it comes to biblical interpretation

~ Justin Taylor

I am not a fan of linguistic legalism, and I recognize the need for terminological shortcuts, but I am an advocate for clarity, and the use of an ambiguous term like  463 more words



God Is Sovereign Over . . .

Seemingly random things:

The lot is cast into the lap,
but its every decision is from the LORD. 658 more words

Truth And The Word Of God