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My experience of sex education in England

Over a year on from attending a parliamentary briefing in Westminster on Sex and Relationships education where I represented young people, Education Secretary Justine Greening announced that sex education will be compulsory in schools. 1,092 more words


Bafflingly short sighted government hacks seek to decimate opportunity. (Or why the fair funding formula is a staggering idiocy.)

The nature of this blog is to question the status quo, to be an agitator, not simply for the sake of agitating of course, no one likes someone who agitates, just to agitate. 819 more words

Tory grammar school policy accused of leaving poorest behind

Fierce supporter of the comprehensive education system, the late Labour MP, Anthony Crosland was infamously quoted to have said ‘[I]f it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to destroy every f*****g grammar school in England. 419 more words

Trump Launches Operation Dessert Storm On North Korea

Speculation is growing on why foreign journalists visiting North Korea are being instructed to gather in Pyongyang for ‘a big and important event’ today.

Recent form suggests it will be something dreary to do with missiles or nuclear bombs, but observers of the secretive state believe today’s event may, instead, be cake-related. 200 more words


The Conservatives promised to 'protect school funding' - they've broken that promise

The Conservatives have broken their manifesto promise on education funding, writes Cllr. Andy Gibbons.

From a speech to Wandsworth Council 8th March 2017:

In 2015 David Cameron said: … 977 more words

High Five: A Roundup of the Opening Keynotes from the 2017 ASCL Conference

Malcolm Trobe: The Responsibilities and Obligations of Leadership

  1. The fundamental issue is that there is not enough money coming into education.
  1. System-wide, it is surely more economically efficient to provide an incentive which improves retention of teachers in the system than to have significant numbers leave and have to train ever greater numbers to replace them.
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"Gays" In UK Government Forcing Their Agenda on Children As Young as Four

From Sky News…

An investigation in the Times newspaper last year revealed that tens of thousands of schoolchildren had been caught sharing sexual imagery.

Children as young as 12 had sent topless pictures to their peers, while one in 10 pupils had “sexted” a “non-school adult”, Freedom of Information data from 50 schools revealed.  476 more words