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Mass school brawl probably over conkers or scrumping

Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening has told critics that the recent mass brawl involving 100 school pupils in Northumberland Heath was probably due to lack of conkers due to the late autumn or perhaps someone scrumping more than their fair share of apples from nearby farms and gardens. 155 more words


Grammar Schools: The Left Should Not Be Afraid Of Aspiration

Out of all the madness that politics in Britain has brought us so far in 2016, Theresa May and Justine Greening’s proposed introduction of more Grammar Schools may well be the most perplexing. 1,080 more words


Morning Briefing - The Telegraph

Good morning.

Theresa May will unveil her education shake-up this morning, we report, with every school in England set to be given the chance to become a grammar school. 419 more words


Excellent grammars should be open to all 

It is still hard to come to terms with the pleasing prospect of a Tory government leading Britain out of the EU, let alone one that brings back grammar schools, too. 225 more words


Opinion - Jeremy Corbyn's grammar schools crusade sets himself against Labour's working-class voters - the Telegraph

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The Telegraph reports that Theresa May plans to give every school in England the chance to become a grammar school, provided they help poor people enough too, but Labour could not be angrier. 207 more words


For a better education, we must keep an open mind

Last October, I wrote a piece in response to the approved annex of a Grammar School in Kent. I expressed then my concerns of the current selective system in place within England; that categorising children at the age of 11 was too young and that areas with large numbers of selective schools, limited choice for those pupils who did not pass the entrance examinations. 435 more words


If education's the silver bullet...

So Theresa May has announced the governments’ plans to revitalize selectivity in the UK’s education infrastructure, including a move to re-expand the grammar school systems. Basically, it’s a chance to dust off the old ‘Talent Spotting for Teachers’ manual. 640 more words