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Dear Sam

Dear Sam,

How are you lately? I wish I could ask you this face to face. But I know that this wouldn’t happen for now, at least for the next few months to come. 1,121 more words

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If its just us

Dr. Carl Sagan said, ” “The universe is so vast and, It will be an awful waste of space if its just us” 



People with superpowers are called superheroes. These people are privileged enough to be born with some out-of-the-world abilities, and this could be easily seen on Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Aquaman and etc. 323 more words

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Be Courageous 

It is hard to take courage. It requires a leap of faith, and it asks you to give up the routines you used to have. But it is only with courage that there will be a chance for a change. 202 more words

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A Time To Grow

Along with it being a Holy Week for many, it’s also a time to think Spring!

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey popped by Corky’s Garden Path Greenhouse in the Justus area to get some tips to help liven up your landscaping for the season. 105 more words

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