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Day 5 - #WisdomWednesday - Just Keep Swimming 

Once you get to know me you will know I’m mad about quotes !!

I honestly think that “Just Keep Swimming” has been my favorite quote for a very long time, of course favorite things are only temporary and they change once a day/week/month, but this one is somehow always staying there with me. 317 more words


Short and Sweet

I believe, many couples have their share of ups and downs, going through each phrase together. And recently, I’ve been bottling alot of things and it’s very unhealthy, even in our relationship. 219 more words


Day 1 - celebration dinner 

Lets just say the last year wasn’t really a piece of cake for me and hubby, he just changed jobs and studies and I had a job that (saying it gently) I didn’t like, it was a bit of a pressure on both of us seperatly and a bit on the partnership. 61 more words


Perhaps I've asked for too much

Yet again, I felt the same old feeling. Many a times I feel that he just doesn’t care. But I always tell myself that he just present it in a way which wasnt quite visible, but are these excuses for myself to feel better? 384 more words

Couple Talks


Many times I wished you were more 细心, but perhaps I might just think too much. Sometimes I feel you put yourself before me, since you always didnt realised I was somehow left out. 200 more words


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In high school assemblies, the only thing heard more than “You are a representative of this school” is “Your words matter”. This statement is invariably accompanied by a poorly-edited video involving teenage girls, Facebook and an early 2000’s soundtrack. 923 more words