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‘I spent most of my 14th year locked up in a 10x10 room:’ Rock Creek woman’s story to be featured in film

A Rock Creek woman who spent many of her teenage years in a Montreal youth centre, which doubles as a detention centre, has caught the attention of some American filmmakers. 431 more words


People in Prison: Stories from the Northern Territory

By Katherine Marchment

When I was down in Katherine for a Fracking Convergence, I met an ex lifer and his wife who had also spent time in prison. 2,174 more words

Australian Politics

Do We Care About The Children of Inmates?

The lives of children are severely affected when one or both parents are locked up. What happens to these lives as they grow up to be young adults? 1,409 more words


The Prison to Poverty Pipeline

Frederick Douglass, a slave in Maryland who became an abolitionist and journalist said, “It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men.” 2,165 more words

Jamie Cummings

our hearts should gently weep.

An Australian television investigation has brought to public awareness practices within the Northern Territory juvenile justice system that rival Guantanamo Bay at its worst. Youths, mainly indigenous, aged between 10 and 17 have been kept in solitary confinement, stripped naked, thrown about their cells by adult males, hit, sprayed with capsicum spray, and strapped to chairs with spit hoods over their heads when they threaten self-harm. 302 more words


The Week That Was - July 24 to July 30

This week’s main focus was the allegations arising from Monday’s Four Corners story about juvenile detention in the Northern Territory. Basically there’s been some pretty terrible stuff happening to the young people there. 321 more words