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How to take thread dumps? - 7 options

Thread dumps are vital artifacts to diagnose CPU spikes, deadlocks, memory problems, unresponsive applications, poor response times and other system problems. There are great online thread dump analysis tools such as… 1,091 more words

Performance Engineering

Java - Garbage Collector

Garbage collection in Java is a process through which unnecessary objects are removed. Ah it seems easy but here comes the process:

Java does garbage collection based on JVM generations that is there are 3 layers young generation, old generation, perm generation (or meta space in Java8) 192 more words


Oracle Cloud - Querying Glassfish Memory Usage

In a previous post I posted about a Java Heap memory issue we were having with Glassfish.

One of the ways we tracked down the cause of the issue and by how much to increase the memory by was to use the asadmin command to generate a memory report – which is a really useful way to see a snapshot of how your Glassfish instance is consuming memory. 579 more words

Oracle Cloud

Here Comes the difference between JVM,JRE and JDK.


JVM is an acronym for Java Virtual Machine.

Key Points, Features and Uses :

  • It is a Virtual Machine(Software Program) so it won’t exist physically.
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JVM gone wild - OutOfMemoryError

What can we do when our application causes so many problems to end users that they could barely perform their work? Server’s CPU and RAM are on fire, some processes are crashing, database operations are slow or disk I/O wait is huge. 854 more words


Origins of .NET on Linux: An explanation for Java Developers

The .NET framework is a relatively young technology when compared to the rest of computer science history, but as it turns fourteen this year, we can look back and see a long-standing record of innovation, developer productivity, and more recently a refreshing open-source mentality from Microsoft that has resulted in the first ever release of (the official) .NET framework in a Linux distribution. 1,013 more words


Dalvik Virtual Machine

We might think that as android is written in java it should also run on Java Virtual Machine using Java Compiler to compile its code. However, this is different in android ie. 273 more words