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JVM - Platform Independency

JVM Stands for Java Virtual Machine, One of the most important feature java developer comes up.it is an interpreter which accepts ‘Bytecode’ and executes it. 114 more words


JVM Architecture

Every Java developer knows that bytecode will be executed by JRE (Java Runtime Environment). But many doesn’t know the fact that JRE is the implementation of… 884 more words


Writing a JVM Compiler - Parsing

Parsing is used to check whether a string matches a regular expression. If there is a match then the string is tokenized and the data is extracted to be stored in the memory. 413 more words


Writing a JVM compiler - Tokenization

Since I first started programming I was always been interested in understanding how a programming language works. A lot happens in the background and I feel that understanding a layer underneath the language you program in can be very beneficial to understanding a language as a whole. 647 more words


Java Virtual Machine và những sự thật chưa được hé lộ

Mọi lập trình viên Java đều biết rằng, bytecode sẽ dược execute trong JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Tuy nhiên rất ít người biết rằng JRE là một dạng implementation của JVM – Java Virtual Machine. 1,457 more words


JVM Mimarisi

Merhabalar, bu yazımda Java Virtual Machine‘nin(JVM) hakkında bildiklerimi aktarmaya çalışacağım. Öncelikle google’a jvm yazdığınızda çıkan wikipedia sayfasında yer alan, JVM’in genel yapısını gösteren bir resimle başlıyorum. 873 more words


How to solve Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Apparently, something was going wrong with the VM arguments I was providing, but to my surprise, it was nothing that I could ever imagine.

So, I setup a tomcat server in intellij and provided a few VM options in the Tomcat’s configuration part, in intellij. 99 more words