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Why I decided to learn Scala

I find that anything worth learning should be done by jumping in head first. Then find something halfway challenging and go to it. Hence, this is how I went about learning Scala. 320 more words

Java Virtual Machine


From this post I thought of discussing how underlying components work together for a successful execution of a Java program. Content in this post consists of a collection of knowledge I gathered after going though several articles on this topic. 851 more words


Från en soffa

Gott Nytt År

Ja jag slutar inte hoppas. Men efter dagens matfrossa känner jag att det nya året kommer börja med en kass mage.

Grabben drog till grannen här efter maten. 152 more words

From Java Source to Bare Metal, Part Two: The Desolation of Bytecode

Episode 50

In the previous episode, we started a journey through layers of abstraction of modern back-end web application. As a response to unexpected request, a Hobbit object is going to an adventure, and must travel safely across the technology stack. 1,345 more words


Things you must know about the JVM and JIT

While writing our code, and building a product, we don’t usually think about the next step in our code lifecycle, the execution step.

We simply write code, and it should work, right? 966 more words


What is Java?

JAVA is an object-oriented, class-based programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995.  Java source code is first compiled into bytecode, which is then interpreted by the JVM.   59 more words