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Recursive functions

Using the stack I could implement recursive functions with one argument. But the return address is in the way. Forth is using two stacks to solve this problem. 249 more words

Code Generation

Comments and control flow


REM this is a comment

translate into:

; this is a comment

I define:

; ...   is a comment 
        Everything until line end is ignored. 245 more words
Code Generation

Variables, arrays, input

In L0 variables and arrays shall be declared. Declarations must be at the start of the program. Arrays have one dimension. In the declaration the array size is defined. 208 more words

Code Generation

As simple as possible

What do I need for a very simple programming language? Variables, arrays, numeric expressions, logical expressions, unconditional jump, conditional jump, call return, labels, I/O functions and maybe other functions. 539 more words

Code Generation

Hello Jasmin

How about generating byte code for the JVM? The JVM has labels, goto, jsr and return. Calculations are done on the stack. Jasmin is an assembler for JVM byte code. 451 more words


Scala Package Objects


Yay, my first post!
If you’ve ever used Java, no doubt you’ve come across packages and using them to organize your code. You’ve probably seen something like this a million times in Java. 583 more words


How Java Debug works

You can just attach your IDE to a running application (which has been runned for debug as we’ll see later), or you can even debug it from command line. 665 more words