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Dat Booth (in the oven)

Pictures of the building of my home DJ booth to spec, co-designed and constructed by Jeffrey Gratton (music producer, among what he says are over tens of other careers he has tried). 235 more words

Jerome Farley

Tutorial Belajar Grails Part 5: CRUD Controller

Berlanjut dari artikel sebelumnya pada part 4, kali ini kita ingin mengetahui apa yang ada dibalik dynamic scaffolding, grails menyediakan script yang akan mengenerate code dibalik magic dari dynamic scaffolding. 582 more words


Tutorial Belajar Grails Part 4: Dynamic Scaffolding

Berlanjut dari artikel sebelumnya, sekarang kita akan mencoba membuat domain class, domain class disini dapat kita pahami fungsingya sebagai model pada aplikasi grails. Untuk membuat domain class kita bisa langsung tambahkan pada folder grails-app -> domain menggunakan ide yang kita gunakan, atau bisa kita gunakan command melalui terminal… 429 more words


I See Dat: Written by Dat Oven (2000)

Start with Christ, gotcha.

“Scan”? Well…basically.

My eyes. I don’t get it. :/ (No DJ is God…except Junior…ha)

I found Jeffrey’s writing today. I had not read it since 2000. 314 more words

JVM Save me ...from Hangings

Recently encountered an issue in one of our application server. Issue is 98% CPU utilization. Everyone ran into and observed that JVM is striving to recover. 311 more words

Jvm Architecture

As a java Developer we develop java programs with Extension .java, the .java file provide to the complier and the compiler will check whether the java code is valid or not and then generate a .class… 321 more words

Core Java