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Java Batch Optimization

A major shipping monopoly in North America ported their Mainframe batch (25+) jobs to Java platform. This porting was done by one of the top 3 consulting companies of India. 200 more words


Finding the Bad Apple in JVM

If you run into situation where you have to troubleshoot a JVM that consumes high CPU and you have absolutely no idea whats causing it, here are some very useful tricks that saved my life countless time. 837 more words


Declaring Methods

To define methods, the Java programming language uses an approach that is similar to other languages, particularly C and C++. The declaration takes the following form: 202 more words

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Declaring Attributes

The declaration of an object attribute takes the following form:

<modifier>* <type> <name> [= <initial_value];


public class Foo{
 private in x;
 private float y = 1000.0F;
 private String name = "Jigar Shah";
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Classes as Blueprints for Objects

A Class is as software blueprint that you can use to instantiate(that is, create) many individual objects. A class defines the set of data elements(attributes) that define the objects,as well as the set of behaviors or functions(called methods) that manipulate the object or perform interactions between related objects. 149 more words

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