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Noobie approach for Java

Java programming language was originally developed by Sun MicroSystem led by James Gosling. After that it was acquired by Oracle.

Java is Objected Oriented, Platform Independent, Secure, Portable, Robust, Multithread, Dynamic, Distributed. 385 more words


Thread and GC logs Analysis

Here is best free online tools for analyzing the thread dump and GC logs

Thread Dump–>http://fastthread.io/

GC Logs–> http://gceasy.io/

Note: formats  (uncompressed or .zip, .gz formats,.txt,.log )


Foolish Mind Games

Written and produced by Hani. Performed by Faith Trent at Earth by JVM @ Exit Nightclub, NYC, August 2002, “The Birthday Event” 15 more words

Jerome Farley

Service Bus 12.2.1 JVM Settings: PermSize, Heap, Non-Heap, and ResourceManagement by Frank Munz

Oracle Service Bus comes with JVM settings that cause questions to some customers. This posting provides answers to the most common questions I discussed in workshops or received so far. 244 more words


Cannot find out stack trace in production log

Whenever exception happended in your application, you usually will log as below to printing out full stack trace:

catch (Exception e) {    
	log.error("Error happended ", e);
} 123 more words

Kotlin: Statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android and browser

Hello! I’m writing these series of articles as I learn the language – My plan is to cover some aspects like: what, why, pros, cons, highlights on the language reference, functions / lambdas and some practical examples using spring boot. 889 more words