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#208 Daily dose : JAVA 9

Java 9 should be fully released for general availability on 21 September 2017, after chief architect at the Java Platform Group

Overview of What’s New in JDK 9… 203 more words

Daily Dose

Understanding GC Patterns with Large Heap Sized JVMs

We recently started getting high GC pauses with our in house built in memory cache.
This memory cache has:

  1. All of the metadata required for response is cached in memory…
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How does Java Virtual Machine Works?

Java was introduced as a new programming language because of its compatibility and nature to fit anywhere. That is why Java applications are known as WORA which means Write Once Run Anywhere. 515 more words

Java Virtual Machine

Reactors.IO: Actors Done Right

In our previous blog, we tried to explore the upcoming version of i.e Java 9. So this time we try to focus on Scala . 1,183 more words


Memories of a Java Runtime

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about Java Virtual Machine (JVM). I have been using Java for quite some time, yet my understanding of the inner workings of JVM seems to fade if I don’t refresh it once in a while. 918 more words


GC Explained: Heap :: Generational Garbage Collectors

JVM heap is divided into two different Generations. One is called Young and the second one is the Old (sometimes referred to as Tenured). The Young Generation is further separated into two main logical sections: Eden and Survivor spaces. 418 more words

Functional Interface in Java

What is Functional Interface

A Functional Interface can have only one abstract method. Now the question can arise that why we need an interface which can have only one abstract method, the answer is, on every occasion we create an Interface for a purpose and that is to have multiple implementation for it which can be dynamically passed where the Interface reference is used. 246 more words