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What synchronized means to JVM

There are many articles on what synchronized accomplishes in Java, but I had hard time to find why JVM needs synchronized in the first place. 433 more words


Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Startup

In the last post we had a brief idea about the memory model of the Java Virtual Machine. We also came across certain terms like the Creation, Linking, Loading and Initialization of classes. 833 more words

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How to measure performance - Java

How to know how much the app is consuming from memory? Where is the application bottleneck? How are the application Threads? How many classes are being loaded? 438 more words


Reason Why JVM And Task Manager Display Inconsistent Memory Usage

I am working on an application that has a health monitor page to give insights about current memory space used by the application, different threads open, and many other useful information. 431 more words


Finagle : Controlling the Future Of RPC systems

In this blog we’ll use Finagle to build a very simple HTTP server that is also an HTTP client — an HTTP proxy.

So Let’s Begin With Some Introduction to the Finagle. 801 more words