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The Definative Guide for a Good Framerate in Minecraft (Modded).

Written For 1.7.10


The biggest problem with Notch’s creation, Minecraft, is its horrific performance. From a coders point of view it is horribly optimised causing many players to have to deal with low framerates and lag which can ruin your gaming experience. 1,899 more words

Scala def macros and Java interoperability

Most of the time Scala-Java interoperability works pretty well from a Scala application developer perspective: you can use a wealth of Java class libraries in your Scala programs with fairly little effort. 748 more words


Which GC to use?

Internet is full of blogs, articles on different GC algorithms, their inner details, their Pros, their Cons….. But there is not one article which summarizes all the details in one single slide. 6 more words


Consecutive Full GC

Is your JVM experiencing consecutive Full GCs? Are you wondering what might have caused it? Are you struggling to fix it? Then you are reading right article. 395 more words


Problem of the Month: Searching Tweets

Information Retrieval

One of the most important problems is information retrieval. Google’s business is built around search, but even Google has a hard time crawling and indexing tweets. 439 more words


Defanging the OutOfMemoryError

From the classic computer error haikus:

Out of memory.
We wish to hold the whole sky,
But we never will.

Specifically, your application “wishes to hold the whole sky” and it’s failing intermittently because it’s running out of memory.

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