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First impressions of Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the next-generation languages that builds on top of Java. It’s kind of a post-Scala and Groovy language that comes from JetBrains and therefore has a lot of static functionality that enables great tooling to be built on top of it. 904 more words


Baratine vs Akka

Akka vs Baratine (Benchmark Included!)


To understand the differences in programming model between the two, you first need to understand the purpose of why Caucho has spent so much time creating Baratine in the first place. 1,007 more words



The title looks confusing ! Right?  Well it’s not. Let’s get down to some basics.

Java was developed by James Gosling , of Sun Microsystems. Java is an open source software.   206 more words

Lazy vals in Scala - implementation

For first post on my blog I choose topic which interests me from the beginning. When I saw Scala first time in my mind appear question. 1,221 more words


5. The Java Jargon

Learning a new language means one has to learn the vocabulary or special words used in it. Let’s look at it from a Java perspective. 186 more words

Memory profiling - simple examples

Recently I have been trying to learn different memory profiling tools to monitor Java applications. I have looked into the command line tools that are shipped as part of JDK like… 600 more words


Marshall Amplification Endorses Rosli Mansor

Rosli is a familiar face in the music scene as an instrumental guitarist with two albums under his belt prior to joining Swee Lee.

For us at Swee Lee Music Academy, we are very glad to have him on board and working closely with our education and planning team on the Academy’s direction. 56 more words

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