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Unable to load .dll - error code 126 and error code 193

Tonight I looked into one bug. The JNI program is not able to load jvm.dll. It returned error code 126.

With the help of Process Monitor (oh a very awesome tool, … 86 more words

Коротко про работу JVM с памятью

Сложно себя заставить регулярно писать в блог, но я попробую. Первый пост в блоге, а вернее, можно сказать, что уже второй, напишу про то, как JVM работает с памятью. 234 more words


get tomcat hot swap work with intellij

It usually takes a lot of time whenever you’re recompiling a Java web project. The IDE would usually recompile the entire project, package them into a war and have it redeployed on your  application server (i.e., Tomcat) then letting the server reinitialize itself.  604 more words


How JVM works internally while one Thread work on A synchronized method and other waits for it till lock release?

Threads and shared data

One of the strengths of the Java programming language is its support for multithreading at the language level. Much of this support centers on coordinating access to data shared among multiple threads. 616 more words

Core Java

Strange it is

If I run the following program, which parses two date strings referencing times one second apart and compares them:

public static void main(String[] args) throws ParseException { SimpleDateFormat sf = new SimpleDateFormat(“yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”); String str3 = “1927-12-31 23:54:07″; String str4 = “1927-12-31 23:54:08″; Date sDt3 = sf.parse(str3); Date sDt4 = sf.parse(str4); long ld3 = sDt3.getTime() /1000; long ld4 = sDt4.getTime() /1000; System.out.println(ld3); System.out.println(ld4); System.out.println(ld4-ld3); } 156 more words


Connecting remote JVM over JMX using VisualVM or JConsole

There are many posts over the Internet on how to do it right, but unfortunately none worked for me (debian behind firewall on the server side, reached over VPN from my local Mac). 96 more words