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SOTW : "Come Over"

I have personally waited for Dean to make a comeback.  So when he teased and announced about a single album, I was already crazily ready. The world needs more Dean songs in this lifetime. 423 more words


#20022017 -TWICE & Taeyeon

TWICE and Taeyeon are back with new singles, yay! TWICE actually released theirs 2 days ago but I didn’t get the notification from YouTube.

TWICE ‘Knock Knock’ 716 more words

Daily Diary

Song Review: Twice - Knock Knock

Twice aren’t a simple k-pop group anymore. In the course of a year, they’ve established themselves as a true cultural phenomenon. That they’ve been able to achieve this so quickly is just as much a testament to their idiosyncratic music as the members’ individual appeal. 273 more words


Twice - Knock Knock

Unless you’re living under a rock you probably know Twice released Knock Knock yesterday. Reception has been alright, it’s a pretty safe song so don’t expect your mind to be blown. 79 more words


Twice Continues to Enamor Me With Their Charm in “Knock Knock”

If you remember my review on “TT” last year, you would know that unlike everyone else I wasn’t a big fan of TWICE. I didn’t get the hype for them, even as “ 651 more words

TWICE Says 'Knock Knock' in Comeback MV

TWICE is finally back to set trends with their new track, “Knock Knock!”

“Knock Knock” is playful and lighthearted, with references to their previous MV and providing a conclusion to their “TWICEcoaster” series. 19 more words



Release Date: 2016.03.30
Genre: Rock
Language: Korean

Track List:

01. First Time
02. Blood
03. 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go) *Title
04. Sing Me… 344 more words